March 10, 2015

Best Tracfone Cell Phone

Top 5 Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phones 

Everyone wants to know, what is the best Tracfone device? Which cell phones are the best options from Tracfone? We provide for you here the updated list of Best Tracfone Cell Phones for 2015!
best tracfone cell phones 2015
List of the Best Tracfone Cell Phones - photo by arlo_

As you might expect, this list is dominated by the Android powered smartphones Tracfone has released over the last year or two. But which one will receive the top pick? And where in the ranking do the rest of the phones fall? This is almost the best android Tracfone list, but we included some other phones. See the list below!

If you want to see a full listing of all the smartphones, take a look at our comprehensive Android Tracfone List.

We are judging this list of the best cell phones based primarily on features, specifications, and performance as well as feedback from customers. Price and availability will only be small factors, as both of these variables change often.

We will provide a short description of each phone in the list, and a link to our full review if you would like to learn more about a particular phone. This list is written has a helpful guide, that can give you an idea of which phones are generally better than others. However, each phone has certain features which are more important to some people, thus making that phone the best choice, even if it isn't at the top of our list.

We originally created this list of the best Tracfone devices in January, 2014, but have updated in March of 2015.

List of the 8 Best Cell Phones from Tracfone

The list will contain our eight top picks, starting off with number eight:

#8 Best Tracfone - LG 840G

This phone comes in at the eighth spot for its wide popularity, low cost, and good features. The LG 840G has been available for consumers to purchase and use with Tracfone for several years. It offers several great features that help get it onto this list, including Triple Minutes for Life, WiFi, Touchscreen and 3G speeds.

The LG 840G does lack the ability to access Android apps, because the phone uses a proprietary java operating system. You can still use some apps, like Google Maps, but it is not as easy as an Android phone. View our complete review of the LG 840G to learn more about this phone.

The LG 840G is a solid phone with great value for the money. And with prices for this phone as low as $20 on Amazon, it is a great bargain. (you may need to shop around for the lowest price).

The LG 306G is a similar phone, but a little newer, and worth including along with the LG 840G. Learn more about the LG 306G in our Review.

#7 Best Tracfone - LG Optimus Dynamic

android smartphone best phone
LG Optimus Dynamic
The LG Optimus Dynamic arrives on this list of the top Tracfone cell phones as the first Android phone. It is actually pretty similar to the LG 840G (which isn't surprising since they are both made by LG) but with one major exception - Android OS.

With the Android operating system, it is possibly for you to access thousands of different apps (now over a million) through Google Play and use them on this phone.

The LG Optimus Dynamic also comes with WiFi, 3G speeds and a free 4GB Micro SD card. Read our review of the LG Optimus Dynamic to get all the details on this phone.

This phone does have a much older version of Android than any of the other smartphones from Tracfone. It uses Android 2.3 and some have reported it as being a little slower than preferred. The screen size is small compared to modern smartphones.

But the Optimus is the cheapest option between the other Android Tracfone's, at around $20 on Amazon. And there is also a version of the phone offered in white for those who might prefer it.

Unless you really want an Android powered phone, but are very tight on money, we would recommend continuing down the list for better smartphones.

#6 Best Tracfone - Samsung Galaxy Centura

best tracfone
Samsung Galaxy Centura
The Samsung Galaxy Centura comes in at #6. With these  Android phones, they all offer great features and value, but they have small differences that separate them.

The Galaxy Centura offers all the features you expect from an Android Tracfone - WiFi, Triple Minutes for Life, MP3 player, 3 MP camera and more (read our Review of the Samsung Galaxy Centura for all the specs ad features).

But what puts it in 6th place on our list are some of the following issues: First, the Galacy Centura uses Android 4.0 OS, while the ZTE Valet has a slightly newer operating system. Second, the Samsung has a slightly slower processor compared to the ZTE Valet and Huawei Glory.

All of the 'first generation' smartphones for Tracfone (LG Optimus Dynamic, Samsung Galaxy Centura, ZTE Valet and Huawei Glory) are no match for the newer phones further down this list. But they do provide good value for the cost of the phone,

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Centura is a solid phone, which is why it ranks in our best Android smartphones from Tracfone list. View the Centura on Amazon at $30 less than retail price.

#5 Best Tracfone - ZTE Valet

Top 5 Android Tracfone
ZTE Valet
The ZTE Valet reaches number five on our top Tracfone cell phone list with specs slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy Centura, great features and widespread popularity.

The Valet comes with Android 4.1 OS and all the other features you expect from Tracfone like Triple Minutes for Life, WiFi, and GPS. The Valet also comes with a 4 GB Micro SD card, adding to the value of this phone. You can learn all about the ZTE Valet by reading our review.

What keeps this smartphone from the top spot are the reports we've heard from users that the WiFi can be weak at times, and nowhere near as strong as some would like. This might be a problem with just some phones, but it does keep the Valet from our top spot.

Price-wise, the ZTE Valet is a great buy. We have found it on Amazon for under $20, and many places like eBay, Amazon and HSN sell it with a minutes bundle. The ZTE Valet and Samsung Galaxy Centura are both good phones, and have been the two most popular Android smartphones of the first generation, that Tracfone released.

When comparing the ZTE Valet to phones further down this list, like the Moto E, the Valet is a lesser phone in almost every way. So be aware, it is a good device, but you can get better technology for your money.

#4 Best Tracfone - LG Optimus Dynamic II

The LG Optimus Dynamic II was released a few months after the smartphones listed above, and brought with it a larger screen, and better features and specifications.

It is the successor to the original Optimus Dynamic, and was a very popular choice for Tracfone users until it was later eclipsed by some of the options further along in our list.

With a 3.8" touchscreen, Android 4.1 and many more features that are improvements over previous smartphones, the Dynamic II is a good option even now, for people who don't plan to use demanding apps, or load too much on the phone.

Check out our full Review of the LG Optimus Dynamic II to learn more about this phone.

The Dynamic II is available for around $50 on Amazon, and can sometimes be found for less on various other shopping websites.

Worth mentioning at this point is the LG Optimus Fuel. It has a newer operating system than the Optimus Dynamic II, but a smaller screen size. If you prefer a smaller phone, but want modern smartphone features, read our full Review of the LG Optimus Fuel.

Update! Several more phones have come out, including the LG Optimus Fuel and Samsung Galaxy Stardust. We would rate the Optimus Fuel ahead of the LG Optimus Dynamic II, and the Samsung Galaxy Stardust ahead of the both the Fuel and Dynamic II, and maybe tied or ahead of the Moto E.

#3 Best Tracfone - Moto E

best tracfone device
Tracfone Moto E
The Motorola Moto E is one of three Android smartphones Tracfone released in a '2nd generation' that all have more modern specifications and features, including bigger screens, newer OS, and better processors.

The Moto E has a 4.3" touchscreen, Android 4.4, 5 MP rear camera and all the other usual features like WiFi, GPS, and Triple Minutes for Life. Take a look at our Specs Page for the Moto E for more details and information.

The Moto E is the cheapest of the newer smartphones from Tracfone, and can be found on Amazon for $79 or for a little bit more you can also get a 400 minute card.

The Moto E doesn't have a front facing camera, which is a drawback, but battery performance is excellent, and it will last more than a day with moderate usage when most other phones would be out of juice.

#2 Best Tracfone - Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop

list of best Tracfone
Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop
Coming in at #2 is the Alcatel Onetouch. The biggest feature for this phone is the large, 5" screen which many Tracfone users have craved for quite some time.

But beyond the big screen, the Alcatel also has a quad core processor, 1 GB of RAM, front and rear cameras, and all the other usual features like WiFi, GPS and Triple Minutes.

If you want to learn more about this phone, see our complete specs and features list for the Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop.

The Icon Pop is the most expensive Android smartphone at this time, but it provides the largest screen at this time as well. You can find the Alcatel on Amazon for about $120, and sometimes there are great deals bundling it with minutes.

The only downsides to this phone are a somewhat small internal memory of about 2GB, and minor problems with stuttering playback of video.

Now time for our top choice:

#1 Best Tracfone - LG Ultimate 2

Top Tracfone cell phone ultimate 2
LG Ultimate 2
The Ultimate 2 comes with many of the best features and specs of any Tracfone device at this time, leading it to the top of our list of best Tracfone cell phones.

With a 4.5" touchscreen, front and rear cameras. dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM, the Ultimate 2 can keep up with all the most recent apps released for Android. You even get almost 5 GB of internal memory on the Ultimate 2, which is the most for any Tracfone device. This memory is used for storing photos, apps, and much more.

The Alcatel does have a larger screen, but the screen on the Ultimate 2 is more than adequate for most, and the rest of its features make of for the difference. Users report being very satisfied with upgrading from other, first generation smartphones to the Ultimate 2.

While Tracfone will certainly release a newer, and better phone, for now the Ultimate 2 is our top choice. You can learn more about this phone, and the features it has, by reading our Full Review of the LG Ultimate 2.

This phone can be found from many sources online including eBay, Newegg, and Amazon. We have found it for just $99 on Amazon.

For a more detail comparison of some of the top choices, including the LG Ultimate 2 vs Alcatel Onetouch, take a look at our recent post, What is the Best Tracfone?

Honorable Mentions - Moto G, iPhone 4S on BYOP

Many Tracfone users are bringing their own phone (BYOP) to Tracfone to use with the prepaid service, and this includes phones such as the Moto G and iPhone 4S.

Both of these phones have great specs and features, and the Moto G is probably slightly better than the Ultimate 2, but it depends on your preferences. Follow the links above to learn more about using these phones with Tracfone, or visit our main, Tracfone BYOP page for all the details.

We hope you found this article useful, leave a comment with your pick for the best Tracfone device. Also be sure to share this with your friends.

We also want to share that Tracfone continues to add new phones to their lineup, so keep up with the latest by checking our Homepage.

For more on the cell phones offered by Tracfone, visit our Cell Phones Review page.

Also don't forget about our most popular page, the Tracfone Promo Codes!

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Andy Freeman said...

Any idea when/if the ZTE Majesty, z796c, might become available? It's CDMA, has a bigger screen, faster processor, and is Android 4.1. However, it's a bit more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Do you think any of these will compare to the LG L39?

c bluebeard said...

I got the ZTE Valet in a holiday bundle. Wifi strength is abysmal. Makes it practically useless. I'm 15 feet from the router now, line of sight, and i get 1 bar. Seriously bad. Also, the mic stopped working so i had to send it back for replacement on Jan 8th. Today is Jan 31, and I'm STILL waiting for the replacement. Over 3 weeks later! Called multiple times. Tracfone is fine until you need service, then forget it. English is not their first language. I wish i would have gotten the Huawei Glory.

c bluebeard said...

UPDATE: Got the new replacement Valet on Feb. 7th. WIFI is still horrible, but at least they extended my service date the 30 days I was out of a phone. BEWARE their service department...super slow! Would NOT buy the Valet, if I had a do over.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a phone that I could use with a SIM card when traveling in Europe or Asia, as well as with my home TracFone account. Can any of these phones do this?

Anonymous said...

Any tracfone works oversees apparently. Here is what is says on their website and the url.
From your TracFone, DIAL 1-800-706-3839.
From Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands please dial 305-938-5673.

Select your language (1-English, 2-Spanish). Listen to dialing instructions.
(Instructions can be interrupted at any time and you can skip to step 3).

DIAL 011 + country code + city code + telephone number.
(For Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, and Dominican Republic just dial: 1 + city code + telephone number).
Note: Please wait to be connected; DO NOT press any other key on your TracFone or you might be disconnected.

G and C Todd said...

I am pretty sure the answer is no. You can call overseas from the US, but you cannot call FROM overseas.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely, the headset went out on mine, so all my calls are speakerphone now. Really cheap piece of junk, and soooooo slow. I'm going to have to buy something different, this was a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

This sucks! Not the review. I want an Iphone 5s but tracfone doesnt have a plan for it! I mean, I like the pay as you go plan but still...

Anonymous said...

I got the LG Ultimate 2 a couple weeks ago based on your review and through one of your Ebay links. It is really great! Thanks for recommending it!

Anonymous said...

Any particular reason the LG Fuel didn't make the list? Way better on modernity and performance than anything from #4-#8 plus beats them on price if you shop right. Generally competitive with #2&3 except for screen size & ram (but wins on price there & easier to root as well.).

Anonymous said...

I have the Samsung Galaxy Centura. Wifi connectivity is very reliable. Phone audio clarity is good on calls with people 400 miles sounds like a land line. Basic email and texting is adequate. That's where the features stop. Load up any apps, and the thing will slow to a crawl. Most of the loaded apps will crash randomly, probably due to Android 4.0 and the processor. Photos taken indoors are useless. Photos outdoors are decent.. For $30 it is a decent for phone calls, texting and email. I paid $99 at the time, not a good phone for that price. But it was the best, I could get then. I do love the value of tracfone service in general and I'm willing to sacrifice bells and whistles to meet the monthly budget. Now I want the best there is for tracfone. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

It appears a new LG phone called "Power" is available for TracFone. Will you be reviewing it soon? LG Power 4.5" Android 5.0 Smartphone - 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor -

Anonymous said...

LG's website lists a new GSM LTE enabled phone for Tracfone. It is the LG Access LTE (L31L). Here is a link to the product

When I click their "Where to Buy' button, it states 'Coming soon'. I've tried all the typical online retailers (eBay, Amazon, BestBuy) with no luck. Anyone know where, when this phone might be available? Also any details on how LTE works with Tracfone (cost, speed)?

Anonymous said... on sale for the day 7/24/2015.

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate someone giving a review of the best sounding tracfone. That is, a tracfone where you can hear a person very clearly who is calling. I have owned the LG Optimus Dynamic and the LG Optimus Fuel and they are both horrible. Thank you.

Bambang said...

Good reviews for best smartphone. Thanks to You.

LONE WOLF said...

I've got the LG L39 & have maxed the memory in nothing flat. Anybody care to suggest a TracFone with bigger memory please? LEO1WOLF@MSN.COM

MamaCapri said...

I have an iphone 4s. Rolled over to BYOP. It would be awesome if it worked. Had busy signal calling in and out. After 8 hours of tech support, I looked at my account at the tracfone website and saw how to check minutes. After checking found out none had rolled over like Cust svc said they had. But before this someone in cust svc had the great idea of cancelling my old phone number that I had for years (fun letting everyone know). Finally got up and running, added the 1000 text, 500 talk, and 400 data, but last week noticed it wasn't working again. Busy signal. Checked balance and EVERYTHING was 0. I counted 25 text messages in and out on my phone. Cust svc said all they saw was 0, so the best they could do was 300 min.....but it still is not working. If they could get it to work, it would be great, but it is sure a bummer when you have over 1000 min/text/data and it is all of a sudden gone and you get no help.

Anonymous said...

I have a Samsung Centura that has been replaced twice and I still have the same problems--slow opening files, type several letters before one appears, freezes up, returns to home screen randomly, time randomly displays 5 hours previous, name of contact does not appear when ringing. Would not recommend this phone.

Faye E said...

I have owned the Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop for about a 1 yr now. I can not believe you rated it second. This phone is crappy. Read the reviews on it. Your internal memory is gone with adding a couple apps. You can put and SD card in which I have one. There is no way to save to the SD card .. You can not even back up the phone to the SD card. The camera is okay. All this phone is good for is making calls. Google puts so much of their stuff on it too. Alcatel says that it is tracfone's fault because they mess with the programming of the phone to put their stuff on it.. Meanwhile I spent a nice some on the phone.. If you want a calendar you have to download one. Then Google sinks all your contacts you have in google. Which for me was a lot of one time contacts.. I would not recommend this phone to anyone.

Susie Murray said...

You can get it on AMAZON right now for around $40 and already on Tracfone. Sounds like it's not such a good buy even at $40. Sorry that you spent all that dough on a crappy phone

Rounak said...

thanks, thinking of buying one, this review helped