May 18, 2014

Tracfone Deals and Phone Sales May 2014

A List of Great Deals, Discounts and Sales for May 2014

Tracfone Cell Phone on Sale and Discounts
Deals, Discounts and Sales on Tracfone Cell Phones
Here at TracfoneReviewer we love to help people get minutes for free with promo codes. But we also love to help you save money by highlighting some of the best recent discounts and deals from around the web.

Tracfone is a prepaid wireless cell phone company that offers low cost phones and minutes plans around America. Sometimes you can even find their phones online at a great discount.

Today we will highlight some of the best deals, sales and discounts on Tracfone cell phones from around the web.

These discounted cell phones sometimes include great deals on minutes, so find the sale that works best for you!

Deals, Discounts and Sales on Tracfone Cell Phones

Here are 5 deals we've scooped up from around the internet. These deals don't always last long, so don't wait to check them out.

Let's get this list of deals kicked off with an Android phone from Tracfone:

1. Samsung Galaxy Centura with 1 Year/400 Minutes just $109
The Samsung Galaxy Centura is an Android powered smartphone from Tracfone with WiFi and a 3.5" touchscreen.

The Centura originally retailed for $129, but is now available on Amazon for $79 (without the minutes bundle).

This great deal includes the Samsung Galaxy Centura, plus a 1 Year/400 Minutes card (which usually costs $99) for $109 from QVC. You also get a few other accessories including a case.

Check out the Deal - Samsung Galaxy Centura plus 1 Year/400 Minutes

Read our Review of the Samsung Galaxy Centura

2. Motorola EX431G Triple Minute Phone for under $10
The Moto EX 431G is a somewhat older phone but it has a full QWERTY keyboard for fast texting and most importantly, Triple Minutes for Life.

If you're holding out with an older Tracfone that only has Double Minutes for Life, you should switch to this, or something else that has Triple Minutes for Life.

The Moto EX 431G is on sale for a low price of $7.99 on Amazon

Another option is to get the Moto EX 431G with 2000 minutes for $99 from QVC if you need the minutes!

3. LG Optimus Dynamic II for $90
discount and deals on LG Optimus Dynamic II
LG Optimus Dynamic II
The Optimus Dynamic II is currently the newest Android smartphone offered by Tracfone and comes with Android 4.1 and the largest touchscreen at 3.8".

The phone originally retailed for $129, but is currently $89 on Amazon. There are also other deals available for the LG Optimus Dynamic II that bundle it with minutes, so keep an eye out.

Check out the Deal - LG Optimus Dynamic II for $89
Also, LG Optimus Dynamic II with 200 minute card just $99

You can read our full Review of the LG Optimus Dynamic II to learn more about the phone.

4. ZTE Valet Smartphone plus Minutes Bundle - $59
The ZTE Valet is a recent Android 4.1 powered smartphone from Tracfone. It has a 3.5" touchscreen and Triple Minutes for Life (as do all the other Android Tracfones).

This deal has the Valet plus a 200 minute phone card bundled for just $59 on Amazon.

The ZTE Valet typically retails for $60-100.

Check out the Deal - ZTE Valet plus 200 Minute Card (600 Minutes total with Triple Minutes)

Read our Review of the ZTE Valet and learn more about the current smartphones available from Tracfone.

5. LG 440G - A Simple Flip Phone for $5
The LG 440G is a durable, simple flip phone from Tracfone that is a great choice for a backup or emergency phone.

With a long battery life, camera, and 3G connectivity, the phone has all the basic features.

Best of all the LG 440G is currently on sale for just $5.

Check out the Deal - LG 440G for $5 from BestBuy online.

Read our Reveiw of the LG 440G

That's the current best deals we've found. We hope you find this list useful, and get a great deal if you are buying a new phone.

Be sure to visit our Tracfone Promo Code page for codes to get free minutes when you add a new minutes card. But note, the Android smartphones won't accept promo codes.

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Thomas Weaver said...

LG Optimus Dynamic is on sale for $20 on Amazon (as of May 19th).

wigs2 said...

I have been a user of the Samsung Centura since October 2013. I would not recommend that phone to any one. Too many issues such as frequent crashes, wifi connectivity, and the infamous clock issue.

From the reviews I've read a much better option is:$uslarge$#divProductDetailsCustomerReviewWrapper

However, I'm hoping that Tracfone offers a better-quality phone when my current service ends in November. Otherwise, I would choose the iPhone 4s BYOP.

Anonymous said...

Wigs2-It's past November and I am looking for a tracphone also. Dynamic 11 is on way but with no camera flash and unlit buttons, may return for 4.5 screen one. Cyber Mon but no new Specials.