May 12, 2015

Tracfone Deals and Sales in May 2015

Top Sales, Discounts and Deals for Tracfone Devices and Minutes

Collected below are some of the best discounts we've found from around the web for Tracfone devices and minutes. We hope you save some money!

tracfone discounts
May Deals, Discounts and Sale Listing
There are many different places to buy Tracfone devices and minutes, including online, in stores, and even directly from Tracfone. And Tracfone items can often be found at lower prices in some places.

With all these different sources, it can be hard to know which offers the best deal. How can you know if you should buy a phone you like from a certain source? Well we are here to help share some of the greatest deals collected form the internet and listed below.

These are some of the best prices or package deals we've seen, and are happy to pass along these savings to you. We ask that if you know any other great deals, that you share them in the comments as well!

Many of these deals are for the newer, Android powered smartphones that Tracfone has been selling more and more of. These phones have powerful features and can do many things. But they are not all equal, and you should understand the differences.

For a quick comparison, visit our Android Tracfone List, which has each phone and some basic stats for it.

You should also look at our post on the Best Tracfone Device if you want to know our top choices.

Tracfone has also recently started allowing 4G LTE Devices on their network, creating the potential for many top of the line devices to be used with their inexpensive prepaid service. Follow the link to get the full story.

Well, let's jump into these discounts that we've tracked down to share with you!

5 Great Deals and Discounts on Tracfone

Beginning with some minutes to get you through the year!

Save $15 on a 1 Year/400 Minute Card - Tracfone Website
tracfone minute sales and discount
1 Year/400 Minute Tracfone Card Discount
To start this off, Tracfone is offering $15 off their 1 Year/ 400 Minute Card. This brings the price down to $85 (although you may have to pay some significant taxes). This is a pretty good price, as minutes are rarely discounted very much. Plus, if you are using a non-Android device, you can get 250 bonus minutes from our Tracfone Promo Codes.

The code for $15 off is 99138 and you enter this at checkout on the Tracfone website.

However, you can also find similar prices for the 1 Year card on eBay from a variety of sources. Many of these sellers will mail you the PIN, but some will actually email you the PIN so you can input it faster.

We haven't tried all of these sellers, so we can't verify every one, but many users have found that buying through online retailers like Amazon and eBay is a good way to save some money. Do a little of your own research, and hopefully save some money on minutes!

View the 1 Year/400 Minute Card on eBay

Moto X 32GB Developers Edition
With Tracfone adding 4G LTE service to their BYOP program, it opens the door to some really impressive phones, but also some fantastic deals like this Moto X 32GB Android.

This phone comes with a nice 4.7" display, 2 GB of RAM, a 10 MP camera, and 32 GB of storage space. There is also a newer version of this phone, but it is a bit more expensive. At a little under $250, this is a great value, especially if you're in need of a lot of internal memory.

View the Moto X on eBay

tracfone discount sale
LG G2 on Amazon
LG G2 with 5.2" Screen, 32 GB Memory
The LG G2 is another device that could be used with Tracfone 4G LTE BYOP. This phone might be even more impressive than the Moto X, because it features a 5.2" screen, 2 GB RAM, quad core processor, and 32 GB of internal memory. Several refurbished versions can be found on eBay for about $150, with a new LG G2 phone at closer to $300 (still not a bad deal for the specs).

See the refurbished LG G2 on eBay

Tracfone LG Ultimate 2 with Minutes
The LG Ultimate 2 continues to be one of the best phones available from Tracfone to use with their prepaid service. It has a 4.5" screen, dual core processor and about 4GB of usable internal memory. You can see our complete analysis by visiting our LG Ultimate 2 Review.

This deal features the LG Ultimate 2 plus a 1 Year/400 Minute card (worth $100) for just $129.

See it for yourself on Amazon

Tracfone Moto E free with 1 Year/400 Minute card
The Moto E is another popular android device, and comes with a 4.3" screen, great battery life but no front facing camera. Learn more by reading our full post on the Moto E

This deal includes a 1 Year/400 Minute card (worth $100) and is only $99, making the phone actually free. The phone runs Android 4.4, and is a great device at a great price.

View the Moto E Bundle on eBay

Well that covers some of the latest deals and discounts we have found. If you find something good, share in the comments below!

Do you run out of Text Messages quickly? Well Tracfone Recently Added a Text Card to their prepaid options. Find out how much it costs, and if it is really a good deal in our blog post.

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Anonymous said...

Two comments - I just tried to use the promo code to buy minutes only to find out that you cannot use promo codes to buy minutes for android phones. Also, the text card you mentioned disappeared from the Tracfone sight last week. I saw it one evening and when I went on the next day to purchase, it had disappeared. Do you know any more about that or if it will be available in the future?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at buying a moto e with the current deal, it looks like a very nice phone that I can afford. Two questions, I read that you get 60 service days and 10/20 minutes when you activate a phone, do I get this on top the the year that the moto e deal comes with?

Also, is the device useless without minutes/service time? I mean, if I buy the device and the service days end, will it be possible to continue using the device for apps and music until I can buy a new card, or will the device have no usage without tracfone service?

Peter Vanosdall said...

No word on when or if the text card will come back. It should come back, since a lot of people wanted it.

Peter Vanosdall said...

I'm not sure about how many minutes you get with a new phone, could be 10 minutes and 30 service days? It should be added to whatever you already have or the airtime deal that comes with the phone. And yes, if you run out of minutes/airtime, you can still use the phone on WiFi at your home or office and use apps.

Disgruntled College Grad said...

You can still find the Optimus Fuel (L34C) for $9.99 at Kroger with their discount card

Anonymous said...

Amazing reviews, thank you! I remember when tracfone first came out and it was impossible to find any support for it.. This is very appreciated! So tempted to upgrade from a flip phone to the ultimate 2!
I was looking around for an answer to this question but haven't found one so far.. on non-android phones, the texting fee is .30 to send and .30 to read one. so for Android phones, knowing it's 1.0 unit to send a text, is it also 1.0 unit to read one, or did they take that charge out? I know they all have triple minutes to balance it out, but I wanted to check... It seems like a bummer, but maybe it really doesn't feel different comparatively with the extra minutes?

Personal Private said...

Just say the LG Power quad core, lollipop 5.0, listed on slick deals, anyone have any info on this?