March 25, 2013

How to Get Help For Tracfone Problems

If you Have Questions or Problems with your Tracfone Cell Phone, Here is How to Get Help

While being a Tracfone customer, I have had various problems over the years. Sometimes the problems I need help with are very simple and easy to answer, other times they can be very technical or challenging problems.

I had a Motorola W376G that I dropped once too many times, and had to get replaced. I was overcharged for a purchase i made, and needed to get refunded (which I was). Another time, when setting up a Family Value Plan, I had some questions about how it would work.

It is likely that at some point, you might need some questions answered or need some help with your Tracfone prepaid cell phone. Which is one of the reasons TracfoneReviewer exists, to help get questions answered, and get you the best deals for your money.

But, because we are in no way affiliated with Tracfone, we can't offer help on specific problems, such as transferring a phone number, or getting a new sim card.

What Can You Do If You Need Help with Your Tracfone?

Well, there are some good resources available to you, in fact, you could check out our previous post on Resources for Technical Questions About Tracfone to get started.

In that post, we highlighted several methods of getting help with questions or problems. Two good ways to get help were simply calling the Tracfone customer help line, and contacting them through an online form on their website, under 'contact us'.

Besides emailing Tracfone your problem, or calling them via their customer service number (which can sometimes take a while and be slightly frustrating) there is another option for getting questions answered and finding help that may be useful  for you.

Get questions answered and help with problems at the official Tracfone forums, where you can register, and post questions or comments on various topics. They have dedicated forum moderators who try to answer, or offer assistance to problems and questions posted there.

This is more useful if you have a problem that can only be fixed by a Tracfone customer service rep. And they don't always make thing simple or easy, but it is another way to get help if you have a problem with your phone.

Of course, you can always post a comment here with any questions you might have!


  1. I had nearly 600 minutes left on my tracphone but no service time left. I bought another card and in the process I lost the minutes and now my phone keeps saying "no service". wgat is wrong?

    1. did you ever get it taken care of? We are having the same problem and
      tracphone customer service is of no help...

  2. Does anyone know what to do if this happens: you go to the pay as you go section of the tracfone website put in your phone's information, select the minutes you want and then the website shows the price you owe as $0.00? If you try to go ahead and click on "continue to checkout" you are sent right back to the same page you were on.

    1. The website finally started working again and I was able to buy minutes.

      I noticed my earlier message made it seem like I was hoping to get the minutes for free. Actually The reason I tried clicking on continue to check out was because I had hoped that by doing that the actual amount I owed would be shown and I would be able to get my minutes that way.

  3. I have two tracfones with time and minutes on them and want to combine them on one phone. Is this possible and if so how?

  4. I am in the process of doing a BYOP and number from another company to Tracfone. I started the process online over 24 hours ago and have up to this point spent several hours on the phone with technical support. My cell phone has been released from the old company but NOT yet activated by Tracfone. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. I am now told it may another 24 hours till this issue is fixed!

  5. my Samsung keeps disconnecting within a minute or less of making or receiving a call. Solution????

  6. can minutes be taken out of my trac phone without my consent?
    I got a call and the message at bottom of screen said 200.09 withheld.

  7. lg39c--when away from my home wifi, can only receive emails but can not sent them. I get message "email not sent". Have tried to send with other wifi and 3g, but will not send. As soon as I get back to my home wifi the email will send. Any help will be appreciated.

  8. I have a LGL41C track phone. When I try to send an attachment it stalls in sending mode how do I correct the problem?


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