June 13, 2019

How to Add Talk Minutes to your Tracfone - Talk Add-On Card

Tracfone Offers Talk Add on Card - Is it a Good Deal?

Analysis of the new talk add-on card by TracfoneReviewer.

add talk minutes tracfone
Tracfone talk add-on card
Ever wish you could add just extra talk minutes to your phone? Well now you can with Tracfone introducing a talk add-on card!

The new card adds extra talk minutes but no additional text/data or service days. With Tracfone smartphones, airtime is split into talk, text and data buckets and consumers have long asked for a talk add-on card to add just additional talk minutes.

Tracfone already offers both a Text Only Card and the Data Only Card and you can follow the links to see more details and a cost breakdown.

How Many Talk Minutes do you get from the Add-on Card?

Here is where things get a little interesting. With the Text and Data add-on cards, they are only available for smartphones. But Tracfone offers a talk add-on card for both basic phones and smartphones. However, the basic phone talk add on is just 100 minutes while the smartphone add-on is 500 talk minutes.

Basic Phones - 100 Additional Minutes - $10
Smartphones - 500 Additional Talk Minutes - $10

We haven't tested if the basic phone card will triple, but it seems likely that it will, so that would be 300 talk minutes for $10 which is still not as much as the smartphone add-on amount.

Is the Talk Add-on Card a Good Deal?

Let's look at the cost breakdown of the smartphone talk add-on:
  • Smartphone talk add-on is 2 Cents per Minute. (500 Min/$10)
At 2 Cents per minute the talk add-on card lines up with the other add-on cards and is a pretty good value. It also makes it easy to breakdown the cost of the other smartphone cards which we have done below:

tracfone add-on minutes
Tracfone Smartphone Card Cost Breakdown

What the table above shows is that certain smartphone cards are a better 'value' than others, specifically the $20 smartphone card. We also see that certain cards are not as good of a value, such as the $45 smartphone card and $125 smartphone card. However, it all really depends on how much talk, text and data you use.

To determine which cards are the best value, we broke up the value of talk, text, data and service days from each of the cards based on the cost of the add-on cards ($10 for 500 talk, $10 for 1000 MB data, $5 for 1000 texts and $5 for 30 service days) and then added the those numbers together to get the 'actual value' of the cards.

Note: Tracfone seems to have removed their service day add-on card which gave 365 service days for $50. We're not sure if they have removed this for good, or if they will be releasing it again, with perhaps an adjusted price.

With the $20 smartphone card, you are essentially getting $26 worth of airtime for $20.

Overall we consider the talk add-on toe be a good deal, especially for those who just need additional calling minutes. We also hope to see Tracfone promo codes for it in the near future like we already have for the text and data cards which make those an even better deal.

Where to Buy the Talk Add-on Card

Currently the talk add-on card is only available on the Tracfone website in the add-on section. You will need to select if you are using a basic phone or smartphone, or enter your phone number before seeing the card selections.

buy just tracfone minutes
Get the Talk add-on from the Tracfone website

That concludes our guide to the new Talk add-on from Tracfone. If you have any additional thoughts or questions, leave a comment below.

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June 4, 2019

Tracfone Deals and Sales - June 2019

List of Tracfone Deals and Sales for June 2019

Welcome to TracfoneReviewer where we share the latest news, reviews and promo codes!

Tracfone discount list
Tracfone Deals and Sales June 2019
Shopping for a new Tracfone device can be difficult with many options available from a variety of different retailers. It can be challenging to find the lowest price or even know if you are getting a good deal.

We are here to help! We are often monitoring various deals and each month we gather the best prices on popular Tracfone smartphones and provide the updated deals to our readers below. Some of these deals include airtime bundles, and others just the phone.

Prices and deals can change often, sometimes going up or down. We've included both Tracfone smartphone deals and several unlocked phones that can be used with Tracfone BYOP.

Keep up with the newest phones in our Latest list of Tracfone Smartphones (2019).

Now let's get tot he deals.

Tracfone Deals and Sales List - June 2019

Alcatel MyFlip A405 Phone 
The ZTE Flip is a basic phone with 4G connectivity and CDMA service. It is probably best suited as a backup phone or for those who don't want to use a smartphone. With this deal you get a Flip phone plus $15 airtime card for just $9.

Get the ZTE Flip on eBay with $15 airtime card for $29

LG Rebel 4
The Rebel 4 is a small, budget friendly smartphone with a 5" touchscreen, 16 GB internal storage, 2 GB RAM and runs Android 8.1 Oreo.  It is capable of 4G LTE speeds and has an 8 MP camera.The Rebel is smaller than most phones which makes it a popular choice for some users who prefer that. Learn more about this smartphone in our LG Rebel 4 Review.

This deal from Amazon includes a $40 airtime card (pre-loaded on the phone) making the cost of the phone just $19!

Find the LG Rebel with $40 airtime card on Amazon for $59

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown
The J7 Crown comes with a 5.5" touchscreen, octa-core processor and runs Android 8.0 Oreo. It also has 16 GB Storage and 2 GB RAM. It has been a popular choice for many Tracfone users but is also a little more expensive than many of the other prepaid devices from Tracfone. Now there are several deals on the Galaxy Crown including airtime bundles. Take a look at our full review for further details about the Crown.

See the Samsung Galaxy Crown on Amazon for $117
Find the Samsung Galaxy Crown on eBay with 1500 Talk/Text/Data for $129
Get the Samsung Galaxy Crown with airtime bundle on QVC for $139

Alcatel TCL LX
With a 5.4" touchscreen, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage, the TCL LX is one of the cheapest smartphones from Tracfone that runs Android 8.1 Oreo. While the quality and reliability of this phone might not be quite at the same level as more expensive devices, it can make for a great backup or secondary phone.

Get the Alcatel TCL LX from Walmart, Target or Bestbuy for $29

Moto E5
Tracfone deals and sales 2019
Tracfone Moto E5
A low cost phone with a large screen, the Moto E5 comes with a 5.7" touchscreen, 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM to go with the 1.4 Ghz quad-core processor. It runs on CDMA networks, has Android 8.0 Oreo and a surprisingly long battery life thanks to a 4,000 mAh battery. Get all the features and specs for the Moto E5 in our review.

Get the Moto E5 on Amazon for $79
Find the Moto E5 on HSN for $99 with airtime bundle

Moto G6
The Tracfone Moto G6 has a large, 5.7" screen, octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. It brings a number of higher end features and specs to a budget device and is available fro less than $200. We saw some really great discounts on the G6 around the holidays, but these deals are still quite good. For more on the Moto G6 visit our review.

Get the Moto G6 on QVC with airtime bundle for $159 (limited time deal)
See the Moto G6 from Walmart for $149
Get the Moto G6 on eBay with airtime bundle for $169

Unlocked Smartphone Deals for Tracfone BYOP

Moto X (4th Gen)
While the Moto X was released a little while back, it still boasts performance on par with the Moto G6, or even a little better in some areas. It features a 5.2" touchscreen, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, Octa-core processor and Android 8.0 (upgradable to Android 9). It also has dual rear cameras (12 MP main shooter) and is water resistant with an IP68 rating. This deal from amazon is for prime members only and the phone comes with amazon Alexa.

Get the Moto X (4th Gen) from Amazon for $119

Moto G7
The latest in the Moto G lineup, the G7 features a large, 6.2" touchscreen, 64 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, and runs Android 9.0 Pie. It was released at the beginning of March 2019 and is unlocked for use with either GSM or CDMA service on Tracfone BYOP. Take a look at our Full Moto G7 Review to learn more about this new device.

Available from Amazon for $269 ($30 off)
Available from BHphoto for $269 ($30 off)

Also consider the Moto G7 Play, now just $179 on Amazon

unlocked cell phone deals
BLU Vivo XL4
Looking for a very large screen at a low price? The Vivo XL4 might be a good option with a huge, 6.2" touchscreen, 32 GB storage and 3 GB RAM, this phone packs a lot of features in at a low price. It also comes with dual rear cameras, Android 8.0 Oreo and is compatible with GSM networks.

Get the BLU Vivo XL4 on Amazon for $139

Moto G6
One of the best budget smartphones available, the G6 has the same specs as the Tracfone version, but the unlocked Moto G6 is compatible with either CDMA or GSM networks. Along with a 5.7" screen, 32 GB storage, 3 GB RAM and dual rear cameras, it runs runs Android 8.0 Oreo and will likely be upgraded to Android Pie when that is available.

Get the Moto G6 unlocked from Amazon for $159
Or get an Amazon Renewed unlocked Moto G6 on Amazon for $130

That concludes our deals and sales list for May 2019. We hope these help you get the best price on a new smartphone!

Leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions and also join us on Facebook to connect with our growing community and get the latest info.

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June 3, 2019

Tracfone Promo Codes for June 2019

Tracfone Promo Codes - June 2019

Gathered and shared by the TracfoneReviewer team.

tracfone promo code june
Tracfone Promo Codes - June 2019
It is summer time and the sun is out as well as new Tracfone Promo Codes for June 2019!

Each month we gather and share the latest codes for our readers to use and get additional airtime for free.

To get the bonus minutes, simply select the promo code that matches the Tracfone airtime card you want to use and include the code when adding the minutes.

Some of these codes may be one time use, or can only be used with certain deices. We have codes for both the regular airtime cards and smartphone only cards listed below! If you are looking for a new phone, stop by our Latest List of Tracfone Smartphones to see what's new.

And we also have many more codes on our full Tracfone Promo Code page.

Let's get to the codes!

Tracfone Promo Code List - June 2019

Regular Airtime Cards

60 Minute Card use code 12745 and get 60 bonus minutes (Working for some)

120 Minute Card enter 73677 for 40 extra minutes

200 Minute Card add code 17441 and receive 50 free minutes

450 Minute Card (no new codes at this time)

1 Year/400 Minute Card add 16756 for 300 extra free minutes

$15 off the 1 Year/400 Minute Card with code 41369 (online only)

Smartphone Only Airtime Cards

41865 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - June 2019

70397 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Only Card - June 2019

66975 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Only Card - June 2019

16311 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Only Card - Working for some

14223 - 500 bonus MB Data - 1 GB Data Card - Working for some

38783 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Only Card - Working for some

These are the latest codes to use when adding a Tracfone airtime card. We hope these codes work for you! Leave a comment below and let us know which code you used and how it worked.

If you're new to Tracfone, start with our Beginners Guide which will cover some of the basics of how it all works.

Learn about the 3G Network Shutdown by Tracfone and how it may affect you in our recent post.

Also see the latest deals, discounts and sales on Tracfone devices and unlocked phones!

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