December 26, 2019

Tracfone Closing 3G CDMA Network- (Now Extended to end of 2020)

List of VoLTE Compatible Phones - Network Closure End of 2020

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tracfone says i have to upgrade my phone
Tracfone Closing CDMA Cell Network 2020
Starting a early in 2019, some Tracfone users received messages from Tracfone that their CDMA devices won't work with Tracfone by the end of 2019. For a CDMA phone to work it must have VoLTE enabled in order to make calls.

What does this mean for you and why is it happening? We've got those answers for you plus additional information on phones that are VoLTE capable.

UPDATE: Verizon has decided to push back the closure until the end of 2020, thus allowing Tracfone users to also have a little more time before they will need to upgrade phones. We will continue to update with more information soon.

Tracfone has also confirmed that they are pushing back the date until the end of 2020 when users will need to have VoLTE compatible devices to send and receive calls.

Why is Tracfone Shutting Down 3G and 2G CDMA Networks?
Many users are asking why Tracfone is shutting down their network and forcing them to get a new phone.

The answer is, Tracfone uses Verizon's networks, and Verizon is shutting down their 2G and 3G networks which will affect any Tracfone CDMA devices using these networks.

Verizon has been planning this closure for several years and planning accordingly by including VoLTE with the phones they sell. But Tracfone doesn't seem to have planned it out so well, with only some of their more recent phone offerings including VolTE so some users will have to get a new phone to maintain service coverage.

Why do you need a new phone to get service? The answer is VoLTE capability.

What is VoLTE and Why Do I Need It?
The term VoLTE simply stands for Voice over LTE (with 4G LTE meaning 4th Generation Long Term Evolution) which means phone calls use the LTE data networks rather than the older voice networks.

In the past (and with many of Tracfone's CDMA phones), smartphones would use the LTE networks for data, while using the 2G or 3G networks for voice calls.  Only phones that are VoLTE capable can make voice calls on the 4G LTE network. Thus, with Verizon closing 2G and 3G networks, only VoLTE capable phones will be able to make calls.

Some may be asking why Verizon needs to close their 2G and 3G networks? The reasoning is that they will be able to repurpose these bands for higher speed 4G LTE and possibly 5G in the future.

Do I Need to Upgrade my Tracfone CDMA Smartphone?
If you received a message from Tracfone that your phone is not compatible after 2019, then you will likely need to buy a new phone.

Check out the Latest Tracfone Smartphones available.

However, in some cases it seems that the VoLTE capability can be 'turned on' for an account/SIM card. Information is still difficult to nail down, and how or why this works is also a bit murky, but some users have reported several different methods for getting VoLTE on their phone.

This only is working on somewhat newer phones, like the Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky, Sky Pro, and Luna among others. It may be worth trying before going out to buy a new phone.

To try and enable VoLTE turn off your phone, remove the SIM card and remove the battery (if possible) and wait for 20 minutes. Then reinstall the battery and SIM, and turn the phone on. To check if the phone has VoLTE, make a call and look in the top bar to see if the phone switches from 4G LTE coverage to 4G or 3G. If the phone switches out of 4G LTE, it is not using VoLTE.

Additionally, some users reported transferring service from a non VoLTE enabled device to a VoLTE capable device, and then transferring back and keeping the VoLTE. Activating a new SIM card in your phone may also turn on VoLTE.

Tracfone didn't activate VoLTE on the phones they were selling until more recently, but many are capable, they just need to be activated.

So what phones are VoLTE capable?

List of VoLTE Capable Phones from Tracfone

The phones listed below are compatible with VoLTE according to Tracfone. This list is not complete, and we will continue to add to it as we learn more. A number of older smartphones may be compatible, but

Tracfone Moto G6
Tracfone Moto G6 on Amazon
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy J2
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • Motorola Moto G6
  • Motorola Moto E5
  • LG Fiesta 2
  • LG Stylo 4
  • LG Stylo 3
  • LG Premier Pro
  • LG Rebel 4
  • LG Rebel 3
  • LG Rebel 2
  • LG Journey
  • LG Solo LTE
  • Alcatel TCL LX
  • Alcatel TCL A1
  • Alcatel MyFlip
  • ZTE Blade T2
  • ZTE Z233
  • iPhone 6 or newer

What About Unlocked Phones?
For unlocked devices, almost all recently released phones are VoLTE compatible. Here is a list of compatible phones that is from 2017 but includes which older devices (such as the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5) have VoLTE.

For those who might want to dig deeper there is a lengthy thread on HowardForums on this topic.

Leave a comment if you have questions, thoughts or additional information. We will continue to update this post as more details emerge.

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December 18, 2019

Tracfone Deals and Sales - December 2019

Best Tracfone Deals and Discounts for December 2019

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tracfone cheap deals
Tracfone Deals and Sales for December 2019!
Shopping for a new Tracfone device can be difficult with so many options available from a variety of different retailers. It can be very tough to find the lowest price or even know if you are getting a good deal.

We are here to help! We often monitor and see various deals and each month we gather the best prices on popular Tracfone smartphones and provide the updated deals to our readers below. Some of these deals include airtime bundles, and others just the phone.

Prices and deals can change often, sometimes going up or down. We've included both Tracfone smartphone deals and several unlocked phones that can be used with Tracfone BYOP.

Keep up with the newest phones in our Latest list of Tracfone Smartphones (2019).

Now let's get tot he deals.

Tracfone Deals and Sales List - December 2019

LG Journey
With a 5.45" screen and running Android 9 Pie, the LG Journey was released in late 2019 and offers some great features at a budget price. Some of those features include a quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage, and Bluetooth 5.0. Read our full review of the LG Journey to learn more.

View the Journey on QVC with airtime bundle for $69

Moto e5
Tracfone Moto G6
The Moto e5 is another great budget phone option with a large, 5.7" touchscreen, quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, and Android 8.1 Oreo. it has great battery life thanks to a large, 4,000 mAh battery and can be used on CDMA networks. See all the details in our Moto e5 Review.

View the Moto e5 on Amazon for $29!
View the Moto e5 on eBay with airtime bundle for $49!

Moto G6
If you are looking for a little more performance and internal storage, the Moto G6 is still a great option and can be found at a low price! It comes with a full HD 5.7" screen, 32 GB storage, octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM, Android 8.0 (my be upgradable to 9) and a dual rear camera with 12 MP sensor. See our full Moto G6 Review to learn more about this phone.

View the Moto G6 on Amazon with airtime bundle for $99
View the Moto G6 on eBay with airtime bundle for $89!

Unlocked Smartphones for Tracfone BYOP

Take a look at these great unlocked options for use with Tracfone BYOP. Many users prefer using the BYOP program because of the flexibility in choosing whatever phone best suits their needs. These are some of our top picks at a great price.

Samsung Galaxy A10e
Samsung Galaxy A10e
This unlocked budget phone has some similarities to the Tracfone version, but also comes with some upgrades such as a larger, 6.2" touchscreen and dual rear cameras. It also features an octa-core processor, 32 GB storage, 2 GB RAM and Android 9.0. The unlocked Galaxy A10e can be used on GSM networks with Tracfone BYOP.

View the Samsung Galaxy A10e on Amazon

Google Pixel 3a
The Google Pixel 3a has a number of impressive features for the price, with one of the most stunning the 12.2 MP rear camera capable of amazing images. It also features an octa-core processor, 64 GB storage, 5.6" full HD screen, and much more. The Pixel 3a can be used with GSM or CDMA networks.

View the Google Pixel 3a on Amazon

That concludes our deals and sales list and hope these help you get the best price on a new smartphone!

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All the phones in our list above are VoLTE capable according to Tracfone, but you may want to take a look at our recent post about Tracfone Closing their 3G CDMA network and how it may affect you.

If you're new to Tracfone, start with our Beginners Guide which shares helpful information about how it all works.

Get last minute gift ideas in our Tracfone Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

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December 12, 2019

Tracfone Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Tracfone Users in 2019

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tracfone christmas gift ideas
Tracfone Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019

Christmas lights are decorating each neighborhood, stores are playing carols nonstop, and it is time to find gifts for everyone on your list.

But don't worry! We are here to help with the ten great gift ideas for Tracfone users or anyone with a smartphone! There is something here for everyone so browse through and get your gift-list completed!

If you are new to Tracfone, start with our Beginners Guide which walks through how airtime works, what phones to get, and many more helpful tips.

Let's get to the list!

1. New Tracfone Smartphone

A new phone can be a great gift, and here are some of the latest options from Tracfone that will certainly make anyone's day.

LG Journey
Samsung Galaxy A10e
With a 5.45" touchscreen, Android 9 Pie, and an 8 MP camera, the LG Journey is a great budget option. It does run a little light on the performance side with just a quad-core processor and 16 GB internal storage, but still a great upgrade for young or old alike.

View the LG Journey on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A10e
The A10e has the additional storage many desire with 32 GB internal storage. To go along with that it has a 5.83" screen, Octa-core processor, and Android 9 Pie.

View the A10e on Amazon

Moto G6
Also featuring 32 GB storage, the Moto G6 is a popular option that has been available for a little over a year now but still has a number of great features like a full HD 5.7" touchscreen, Octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM and dual-rear camera.

View the Moto G6 on Amazon
View the Moto G6 on HSN

See all the new phones in our Latest List of Tracfone Smartphones.

2. New Unlocked Smartphone for Tracfone BYOP

For a little more performance and greater options, take a look at these unlocked smartphone ideas which can be used with the Tracfone 'bring your own phone' program.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Unlocked
Moto G8 Play
With mostly the same specifications as the Tracfone version, the unlocked Galaxy A10e can be used with either GSM or CDMA networks through Tracfone BYOP and comes with a 5.83" screen, 32 GB storage, octa-core processor and more.

See the Galaxy A10e Unlocked on Amazon

Moto G8 Play
The next generation in the Moto G lineup, the G8 Play has a large, 6.2" screen, Octa-core processor, 32 GB storage, 2 GB RAM, and can be used with GSM networks.

See the Moto G8 Unlocked on Amazon

See more great options in our list of the Best Unlocked Phones for Tracfone BYOP.

3. Phone Cases and Covers

Keep that new phone safe and free from scratches or anything else with a cover or case! There are many different options online from simple silicone covers to waterproof housings. You can also get some really unique cases with specific designs and colors.

View smartphone cases and covers on Amazon
View smartphone cases and covers on eBay

4. Tracfone Airtime!

For Tracfone users, additional airtime is always great and a very practical gift idea. There are a number of different airtime card amounts, and some cards that are specifically for smartphones. Tracfone airtime cards can often be found in most retail stores such as Target and Walmart.

Some popular airtime card amounts:

See our popular post with 4 Ways to Check your Tracfone Airtime.

5. External Battery Pack

Solar Battery Pack
Have you ever been away from a charger when your phone ran out of power or just want to make sure you're never stuck with a dead phone? An external battery pack is an easy and convenient way to keep your phone charged and ready no matter where you are. Acting as an additional battery that you can charge your phone or other devices from, an external battery is the perfect gift idea for anyone who spends time in the outdoors, or tends to forget to keep their phone charged.

External battery packs come in a variety of sizes and storage capacities, with most smaller than a phone and capable of charging a phone several times. The Anker Powercore 10000 is one great option that is small and portable and will recharge most phones 2-3 times.

View the Anker Powercore 10000 on Amazon for price details.

Or, for the truly outdoorsy people in your life, take a look at this Solar Powered Charger on Amazon.

6. Gift Cards for Apps and Games

If you're not really sure what the latest game or online app the kids are playing a gift card can be a good option and let someone get what they really want. A gift card for Google Play store or Apple App store allows users to purchase apps or games. Amazon gift cards are also a great option as you can get anything from movies, apps, games, toys and more.

7. Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers

One of the best accessories for a smartphone are headphones or portable speakers and there are plenty of great options available. Here are some different options!
JBL Clip 3

The Panasonic in-ear headphones have surprisingly great sound while also significantly reducing outside noises. These are small, yet powerful headphones at a great deal.

For headphones with sound and noise cancelling, consider the Bose Soundlink around ear headphones which can connect to your device wirelessly and includes a long lasting rechargeable battery.

When it comes to speakers, there are many options ranging from small and portable, to large and powerful. Adventurous music listeners will find the JBL Clip 3 perfect for attaching to a backpack or belt while on the go and it has IPX7 Waterproof rating.

The Anker Soundcore is a little larger, and more suited to causal gatherings indoors or out. It has 24hrs of playback time and connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth.

8. Smartwatch

Smartwatches, paired with a smartphone, allow users to answer phone calls, send texts, check notifications and more without touching their phone. Most are also waterproof, for those with active lifestyles, and provide exercise, heart-rate, and sleep tracking.

There are many options available but here are some of the top contenders:

9. Extra Storage

A common issue many smartphone users have is running out of storage space. And with most of Tracfone's smartphones only featuring 16 GB internal storage, using a MicroSD card for external storage is a necessary option. External storage is great for adding music, videos, podcasts or more. Most smartphones accept at least 64 GB additional storage, but double check with your model.

The Samsung 64GB MicroSD Card is a popular option that comes with an SD card adapter and is at a great price.

10. Handsfree holder for your car

Stay safe while staying connected with a handsfree phone holder in your car! These holders allow you to follow GPS navigation or talk on the phone while keeping your hands on the wheel.

View smartphone holder options on eBay

That concludes our Christmas list of gift ideas for 2019! We hope this helps you find gifts for everyone on your list!

Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions.

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December 5, 2019

Tracfone Promo Codes for December 2019

Tracfone Promo Code - December 2019

The best codes for Tracfone collected by TracfoneReviewer.

tracfone promo code december 2019
Tracfone Promo Codes for December 2019!
Christmas music is playing in stores, winter is upon us, and it is the last month of the year! But we've got brand new Tracfone promo codes to warm you up!

We share the latest promotional codes to use with Tracfone airtime cards here for our readers to use and enjoy each month. To use these promos, simply enter the code that goes with the card you want to purchase, when checking out in the 'promo code' box.

Most codes are for a specific airtime card, but some can be used with cards of greater value as well. For example, the code for the 120 minute airtime card can also be used with the 200 and 450 minute cards. The codes listed below are just the latest codes for December, but we have many more to try on our main Tracfone promo code page.

Tracfone has been busy at the end of 2019 and released several new phones including the Samsung Galaxy A10e and LG Solo. You can follow the link to see our reviews or stop by our Latest List of Tracfone Smartphones to see all the new devices.

Now let's get to the codes!

Tracfone Promo Code List - December 2019

Regular Airtime Cards

60 Minute Card use code 12745 and get 60 bonus minutes (Can be used up to 10 times)

120 Minute Card enter 24770 for 30 extra minutes

200 Minute Card add code 49430 and receive 40 free minutes

450 Minute Card use 47096 to get 50 bonus minutes

1 Year/400 Minute Card add 11756 for 300 extra free minutes

Get $15 off the 1 Year/400 minute card with code 60274 

Smartphone Only Airtime Cards

66020 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - Valid December 2019

56955 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Only Card - Valid December 2019

20524 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - Valid December 2019

78439 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Add-on Card - Working December 2019

14223 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Add-on Card - Working December 2019

66975 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Add-on Card - Working December 2019

16311 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Add-on Card - Working December 2019

38783 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Add-on Card - Working December 2019

49413 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Add-on Card - Working  December 2019

These are the latest promo codes from Tracfone. We hope these codes worked for you and leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions.

New to Tracfone? Start with our Beginners Guide which walks through the basics of how it all works and some resources for learning more about adding airtime, activating new phones or getting the best deals. Or learn more about the new Unlimited Smartphone Cards and how they work.

How secure is your phone? We just shared our top Smartphone Security Tips!

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