August 26, 2013

Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans From Tracfone

Cheap Cell Phone Service Plans from Tracfone

Most Tracfone users buy the prepaid refill cards from Tracfone to add minute to their phone, which is a great deal, but there is another way to get cheap cell phone service from Tracfone without worrying about when your service will expire.

cheapest prepaid service plan
Cell Phones, Old and New By CannedTuna
Tracfone offers a value plan that gives you a certain number of minutes each month, and 30 service days. Every month your phone is automatically refilled with minutes and service days, and you are billed.

It is very convenient if you wish to avoid the hassle of adding a prepaid phone card, but still want a cheap prepaid service plan. The value plan from Tracfone is one of the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans we have ever found.

Tracfone also offers a special Family Value Plan, which is great if you have several phones in your family. Learn all about the family value plan, including how to set it up, by visiting our post covering it; How to Set Up the Family Value Plan.

But for those with just one Tracfone, keep reading to learn how the value plan can benefit you!

How to Join the Tracfone Value Plan and Whether or Not You Should

The two questions one might ask now are, 'Should I get the Tracfone Value Plan?' and 'How do I set it up?'. We will answer both questions!

Let's start with how to get possibly the cheapest prepaid plan in existence - the Tracfone Value Plan.

cheapest prepaid cell phone plan
How to Join the Tracfone Value Plan!
Step #1 - To join the value plan, simple visit this link to the value plans offered by Tracfone.

Step #2 - If you don't already have an account at the Tracfone website, you will need to make one. Otherwise you can simply sign in, and follow the steps.

Step #3 - You will have the choice of several different plans Tracfone offers. If you are a low cell phone user (you don't use your phone much) then the cheapest option might be best for you, which is 50 minutes every month, plus service for that month, for $10! They also offer plans with 125 minutes and 200 minutes per month.

Remember, if you have a cell phone with double or triple minutes, your minutes from the Value Plan will be doubled or tripled! So with a triple minute phone, the 50 minute cheapest plan will give you 150 minutes per month!

Step #4 - Once you choose the plan that is right for you, continue and checkout. You should receive your minutes within the next few days, and every month, on that day, you will receive your new minutes and service days. You will also automatically be billed for the minutes and service days.

That's it, you are now set up to automatically receive minutes and service days from Tracfone with one of the cheapest prepaid plans around!

A couple of points to add, in order to clear up any questions you might have, are:
- Any minutes you already have on your phone, you still keep. Minutes and service days from the value plan are merely added to your existing amount.
- Minutes from one month roll over to the next! In other words, if you don't use all your minutes, when you get more minutes the next month, they will all be added together.
- Any other questions, ask them in the comments!

Now you might be asking, who should sign up for the Tracfone Value Plan?

The value plan is very convenient, but it is not for everyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about joining Tracfone's value plan:

Is keeping track of, and adding refill cards a hassle? If your answer is 'Yes', you should consider the Value Plan. It allows you to forget about whether or not you need a new refill card, or if you are almost out of service days because it does it automatically!

Am I fairly consistent in my cell phone usage? If your answer is 'Yes', you should consider the Value Plan. It gives you a consistent number of minutes each month to use. If you tend to use your phone very sporadically, such as a lot one month, but none at all the next, buying prepaid cards might be better, because it allows you to purchase the amount of minutes you think you will need.

Is finding the absolute cheapest prepaid cell phone plan, and using Tracfone Promo Codes important? If you like to get the best value for your money, buying the 1 year/400 minutes card and using a promo code might give you the cheapest deal for a year of service. But the value plan is also a very good deal, and can save you money if you usually buy a 60 or 120 minute card.

The value plan from Tracfone is a great solution to avoiding any hassle from keeping track of service days and buying new prepaid cards.

If you have further questions, you can ask them below. The value plan might not work for everyone, but it is a great deal, and can save you time and money every month.

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August 20, 2013

Tracfone Promo Codes for August 2013

The Latest Tracfone Promo Codes for August

Below are the newest codes for Tracfone with all of them valid through the end of August 2013.

You can use these codes when entering a Tracfone refill card on your phone. These codes will give you an extra number of minutes, as a promotional offer from Tracfone.

These are just the codes from August, you can view all the recent codes at our main Tracfone Promo Codes page.

Tracfone Promo Codes Valid for August 2013:

Use code 71604 on a 120 minute card to get 30 bonus minutes

Enter code 81146 with a 200 minute card to receive 40 bonus minutes

Code 77076 will give you 50 bonus minutes on a 400 minute card

Use 59912 with a 1 year/400 minute card to get 250 bonus minutes - the best deal!

These are the codes that are guaranteed to work in the month of August 2013. Again visit our Promo Codes page to see all the codes, including some that may offer even more bonus minutes.

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August 14, 2013

LG 500G Vs LG 530G Tracfone Comparison

Comparison of the LG 500G to the LG 530G - Which is Better?

It is a common question we get, should I buy this phone or that? What does the LG 530G have that the LG 500G does not? Here we will compare two similar phones to help you decide which is better for you.

Both of these phones are sold by Tracfone Wireless, a prepaid cell phone company, and these phones as well as prepaid minutes, can be purchased both online and in many retail stores. This information is provided with the goal of increasing consumer information, and to help with buying decisions.

Now, let's begin by looking at some of the similarities between these phones:

Similarities Between the LG 500G and LG 530G

To be quite honest, these phones are very similar, and that is because the LG 530G is the newer version of the LG 500G. (Sort of like our comparison of the LG 800G vs LG 840G)

Both phones have:

lg530g vs lg500g tracfone cell phone comparison
TracfoneReviewer's LG 500G vs LG 530G Comparison
  • Full QWERTY keyboards for fast and easy texting
  • Mobile web
  • MP3 player and MicroSD slot
  • 1.3 MP camera and recorder
  • Hands free speaker, voicemail, phone book
  • Alarm Clock, Bluetooth and other common cell phone features
  • Long battery life
  • Durable construction
As one can see, these phones come with very similar features. Both phones function well, and are great for people who like to text often.

On appearances, these phones are similar, although the LG 530G has more modern styling, and is a little wider. It generally feels and looks a little newer.

Time to look at some key differences between these phones:

Differences Between the LG 500G and LG 530G

There are two key differences between these phones that could make one or the other better for you to purchase. 

The first difference is that the LG 500G comes with Double Minutes for Life, and the LG 530G comes with Triple Minutes for Life.

What this means is that with the LG 500G, if you add 60 minutes of airtime, you will get 120. But if you add 60 minutes of airtime to the LG 530G, you will get 180. (and don't forget about using a bonus code for extra minutes). Thus, for people who will use their phone more, the LG 530G is the better deal.

prepaid phone comparison lg 500g vs lg 530g
LG 500G
But the second difference is Price.

The LG 500G is typically much cheaper than the LG 530G, sometimes half the cost.

The LG 500G often retails for around $20, and can be found on Amazon for that price, or sometimes cheaper. The LG 530G, on the other hand, retails for $50, unless you can find it on sale, like on Amazon.

So if you are looking for the cheaper option, the LG 500G is less expensive.

LG 500G Vs LG 530G - And the Winner is:

phone comparison tracfone lg 500g lg 530g
LG 530G
The LG 530G wins in our book, because of the more modern design and the Triple Minutes for Life. The phone is sleek, feels solid, and performs well.

However, this was a close comparison, and if money is a big factor, and you don't plan to be constantly calling or texting, the LG 500G might just be your best choice. It is much cheaper, and still has almost all of the same features.

You can read a detailed review of each of the phones to compare them for yourself:

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August 8, 2013

LG 840G Vs LG 800G Tracfone Comparison

How Does the LG 840G Compare to the LG 800G?

This is a question that comes up a lot between different Tracfone devices, and today we will be comparing the LG 840G to the LG 800G to see how they are different, what is similar, and which makes better sense to buy.

These are two prepaid phones offered through Tracfone wireless. The phones and prepaid minute cards can be found both online and in many retail stores. This comparison is aimed to provide consumers with information to make a more informed purchase.

So let's get straight to the similarities.

Similarities between the LG 840G and LG 800G:

LG 800G vs LG 840G comparison
Click to Expand LG 800G
These phones are actually quite similar in a number of ways, with the LG 840G sort of like a big brother to the LG 800G.
  • Both phones are touchscreen devices
  • The LG 840G and LG 800G are similar size, with the LG 800G slightly smaller
  • Both phones come with Triple Minutes for Life
  • Both phones come with all the basic Tracfone cell phone features:
    • Mobile web, MP3 Player, Camera
    • Phone Book, Alarm clock, Voicemail etc.
For more on each phone's features and specs, read our detailed reviews:
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While the two phones are fairly similar in many of the features and specs, there are plenty of differences that seperate these phones, so let's look at them.

Differences between the LG 840G and LG 800G

what is the difference between the lg 840g and lg 800g
Click to Expand LG 840G
As mentioned earlier, the LG 800G is like the little brother to the LG 840G. Thus, the LG 840G comes with several great features that the LG 800G just doesn't have.

Features that the LG 840G comes with, but the LG 800G does not:

  • 3G - Faster web browsing speeds
  • WiFi Connectivity - Connect to and browse the internet for free with the LG 840G
  • Includes 2 GB MicroSD card
  • Google Maps can be installed on the LG 840G (read How to Install Google Maps)
  • The LG 840G comes in white or black
So, one can see just from this list that the LG 840G is an improvement on the LG 800G in the areas of speed, internet access, and memory, but what about price? For many, price is the most important comparison when choosing between two products.

The LG 800G wins in the price comparison over the LG 840G.

The LG 840G has a retail price of $59.99, but can usually be found various places online, like Amazon, for closer to $40. A very good deal.

But the LG 800G, which typically retails for about $49.99, can be found online for much cheaper, (currently $15 on Amazon!). You can even get a reconditioned LG 800G from the Tracfone website for just $5! (But that deal might not last very long)

Thus, if you are on a tight budget, and just want a phone with Triple Minutes for Life, the LG 800G might be the best choice.

Finally, many customers found the touchscreen for the LG 840G to be a significant improvement over the LG 800G's touchscreen which can be somewhat unresponsive, especially compared with modern touchscreen phones.

LG 840G Vs LG 800G - And the Winner Is:

TracfoneReviewer gives the LG 840G the win in this comparison for three reasons:

lg 840g comparison
White LG 840G
While the LG 800G wins on price, the LG 840G wins in many other categories that outweigh price for most buyers. (if price is very important to you, then it might outweigh the features on the LG 840G)

The WiFi connectivity on the LG 840G allows users to browse the internet for free, a huge bonus and money saving feature, and something the LG 800G just doesn't have.

Lastly, the touchscreen for the LG 840G is a good improvement over the LG 800G, adding the last reason why we would choose the LG 840G.


We will be doing more of these comparisons, so leave a comment with two phones you would like to see us compare! Also share this with others who might enjoy it.

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