February 5, 2019

Tracfone Promo Codes for February 2019

Tracfone Promo Code List - February 2019

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tracfone codes february 2019
Tracfone Promo Codes February 2019
Winter might be continuing into February for many, but we've got new promo codes to warm you up!

Each month Tracfone releases promotional codes to use when adding an airtime card to get additional airtime for free!

We gather these codes and share them here with our readers. There is nothing you have to do to get the codes, simply include it when adding airtime either online, on your phone, or over the phone.

There are promo codes for both regular airtime cards, and the newer smartphone only cards. The codes listed below are the latest for February, but we also have more options on our main Tracfone Promo Code page.

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Let's get to the codes!

Tracfone Promo Codes February 2019

Regular Airtime Cards

60 Minute Card use code 12745 and get 60 bonus minutes

120 Minute Card enter 21381 for 30 extra minutes

200 Minute Card add code 49172 and receive 40 free minutes

450 Minute Card use 60447 to get 50 bonus minutes

1 Year/400 Minute Card add 26249 for 300 extra free minutes (May not work for smartphones)

$15 off the 1 Year/400 Minute Card with code 35086

Smartphone Only Airtime Cards

14223 - 500 bonus MB Data - 1 GB Data Card - Valid February 2019

98615 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - Valid February 2019

27913 - 100 bonus MB Data - $25 Smartphone Only Card - Valid February 2019

37031 - $15 off - 1 Year/$125 Smartphone Only Card - Valid February 2019

38783 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Only Card - Working February 2019

These are the latest codes for February 2019! We hope these codes work for you, and leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions.

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Anonymous said...

Hate they ended the $49.99 365 service day addon...

Anonymous said...

21381 did not work for 120 min card on 2/6/19

Anonymous said...

I was told by three different CSRs that the 365-day service addition was still available and I would be given the option to add it after I added an airtime service card. When I added airtime, I didn't get the option to add the 365 days, like I did last year. I called Customer Service and spoke with another CSR who I was unable to understand and who could not understand me. Instead of adding the 365 days of additional service, he added the 750-minute card for $45. Then I found out that the 365 days off additional service was not available any longer. It took me about two hours on the phone to get my account back to where it was before I started the process of adding more airtime. Frustrating.

Anonymous said...

26249 for 1 year 400 minute card says it is not valid for this phone.
Phone is a 1 year old moto G5plus. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Don't know how recent this info is, but I read that the $49.99 365 service days addon only appears when you're close to your end of service date. And I think you may have to add a $15 card, add the year addon, and then remove the $15 card.

Anonymous said...

26249 did not work for 1 year card today

Pepper said...

I don't know this bit was told thar promo code 14223 is only for the $10 card (surprised about that). Also promo code 53629 does not work. 😭

Anonymous said...

14223 good

Anonymous said...

None of the promo codes work for my Moto either and I am a BIG user of Trafone as I do not get cell service at home why get a contract. I would love JUST an add airtime card option without the other as I go through mostly airtime and I feel like I'm wasting money by not using the rest.

Nancy Mills said...

I have been adding the one year of service time for $49.99 for several years and was shocked to read here that it might not be offered anymore. I got onto the Tracfone website to check it out. It is NOT offered if all you are buying are the add-ons - texts, data, etc. They used to offer it if you only spent $5 on texts, etc., but no more. If you buy a card with minutes the $49.99 add-on shows up as an option. Good to know they have not done away with it. For my money Tracfone is the best deal out there. I can't understand why my friends are willing to pay such exhorbitant fees for their cell phone service! Love this blog, by the way. Lots of great information!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the promo codes. Saved some $ on texts and data, with your help. BTW, the 365 service days add-on is still available in 2019, BUT you need to be persistent. My days were up at year's end, and I was very disappointed not to find the offer on the Checkout page, after I added a $5 text purchase. I tried again, days later, and there it was, on the Checkout page. I just checked while I'm writing this, and it's not there. I suggest that you start looking for this before your days run out, so you can take advantage of it when it does appear.

Jeanne L. said...

I just used Promo Code 14223 for the 2nd time this month. It adds 500MB Free Data when you purchase 1GBData for $10.00. Yeah! It actually worked more than once in a month!!

Jim said...

14223 500mb bonus data with $10
1 GB data card purchase worked for me.
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

fyi, 38783 the 1000 extra texts for the 1000 text card worked perfectly. I'm wondering if it would work if I purchased more than one card at the same time? Has anyone tried that?

Also, 12745, the 60 extra minutes on the $20 card worked fine - it only adds 60 talk minutes though, not text or data.

Jeanne L. said...

Any chance we'll get a promo code in March for free data on smartphones again as we did in February? I used 14223 over & over last month. It was great! Thanks for that.

wigs2 said...

For my money and usage, TracFone is also the best deal available. However, I had a disabled sister in law who was on TracFone and was using 750-800 minutes of talk time per month. She used hardly any data and very few texts. Her phone costs averaged about $45 per month. When she died, she had about 10,000 MB data. I would like to see TracFone offer airtime for talk only because many use their phones only to talk.

Anonymous said...

I read on tracfoneforum.com that TracFone allows the 365-day add-on for $49.99 only on TracFone-branded phones. If that's correct, that is a change from a year ago.