September 24, 2012

Tracfone 376g Prepaid Flip Phone

A Good Backup or Emergency Cell Phone

The Motorola 376g is a flip phone prepaid cell phone from Tracfone.

It offers great durability, good battery life, and good value for the money.

376g from Tracfone


The 376g, and other models including the 370 and 375 Motorola versions, are older style flip phones with simple features, but great durability. 

In our testing, the Motorola 376g survived multiple drops from waist and head height onto concrete floor. The battery and/or back cover often came off, but once replaced, the phone worked perfectly.

The only damage sustained were small scratches and dings on the outside of the phone, which did not interfere with the use of the cell phone.   

This rugged prepaid phone also endured sustained abuse during 3 years of testing. The phone continued to function properly even after years of dropping and throwing of the phone. It also survived being dropped in water

Battery Life

Good battery life is a key benefit of flip phones which are able to turn off the screen when the phone is closed. 

The Motorola 376g has great battery life, lasting up to 15 days on standby. For average use, it lasts about 5-7 days when new.

The phone continues to have good battery life even after years of use. In our testing, even after 3 years, the phone still could last 48-72 hours on a charge with normal use.

Compared to many other phones currently available which last less than 24 hours after 6 months, this is very good.

Good Value

The Tracfone 376g is an older phone and typically has a reduced price in many stores. Although the Tracfone website lists the price at $20, TracfoneReviewer has seen it in-store for about $10.

Other versions of this phone, including most of the prepaid flip phones from Tracfone, are widely available and offer similar features and benefits.

This phone is a great deal for the money, but is a simple flip phone. For those looking for a more feature filled and stylish phone, consider reading about the LG 500G.

Emergency or Backup Phones

Tracfone flip phones make great emergency or backup cell phones because of their long battery life, rugged durability, and good value.

These prepaid cell phones are useful for anyone who might be without a cell phone when they need it. Maybe for a grandparent when they are away from their house, or perhaps for a backpacker. 

Technical Specs of the 376g from Tracfone

The Motorola 376g and similar versions offer calling, texting and camera. They also have phone books, downloadable ringtones, and internet access. 

While we would not recommend using the internet feature because of the cost, it is available for use to download pictures and songs.

Overall, this phone offers all the features of a simple flip phone that can be used for a variety of needs.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a W376g a few years ago in an emergency after having a nicer Motorola stolen from me at gunpoint. I never intended to use it for more than a few days or weeks, but that stretched into months. I had a bad attitude about the little 376, but as the time got closer to replacing it, and I started using more of its features, I began to appreciate what I had.

I ended up keeping it as a back-up, and now am about to give it to an active elderly relative who has never used a cell phone. She became interested by hearing me talk about it, and once a new SIM arrives she will take it over. Thanks Tracfone and Motorola.

Anonymous said...

This is really a great little phone. You are right on target about it surviving being dropped! I dropped mine yesterday in a parking lot. The cover came off, but other than a few scratches, it keeps on going. I'm into extreme sports and the phone takes a lot of jarring and bumping and it never skips a beat.

Anonymous said...

I've had mine for over 6 yrs . the camera quit working after 5 yrs . lol . I'm still using it every day as my primary phone . Yes I've dropped it a few times and it just keeps on going . I have never got my $20 bucks worth out of nothing like I have this phone . Thank you Motorola !!!!! I have reception when nobody else does . I even bought my mom and a friend one these phones . For talking and texting its the best !!! would give it a 5 star rating and recommend it to anyone .

Anonymous said...

Recently I purchased a new cell phone for my elderly mother, for 3 weeks I have spoken with so many people from TF about transferring the minutes from my mothers old phone to her new phone. I have been given 6 ticket numbers and been told that the issue will be resolved in 24, then 48, then 24 then 48 hours. I am so disgusted with TF!! My mother is in bad health and should not be without a phone she is also in poor health which is another reason for her not to be without a phone. My mother has been with TF for many years and for her to have to deal with is is uncalled for!!

Anonymous said...

a letter from tracfone said my Motorola phone required a replcement due to technical upgrades in my area. Tracfone mailed me a new LG phone to replace it. it has never worked and after many calls to customer support I have not resolved my problem, no phone to use my minutess or service date.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. My Motorola W370 is ancient, but it always worked when no one else around me could get a signal. Years ago I tried to upgrade, had the same experience as you, so I reversed and reactivated my W370.Now I'm forced to shop for another phone, which I'm trying to do by its network technology, but Tracfone does not make that easy.