September 22, 2012

What to do if You Drop Your Cell Phone in Water

Dropping Your Cell Phone in Water can Happen to Anyone

Maybe your phone fell into the toilet, or your friends pushed you into a pool, or even some water just splashed onto your cell phone, no matter how it happens, it can be a problem.

But with this simple guide, you might be able to save your cell phone from it's watery grave.

How to Fix a Cell Phone Dropped in Water

cell phone dropped in water
Cell Phone in Water By brokinhrt2
The first thing you should do is don't panic, and quickly grab your phone out of the water. Maybe it is in the pool, or a toilet, no matter where it is get it out of the water as quickly as you can.

1. Use a Towel to Dry it Off

Next, grab a towel, toilet paper or t-shirt and dry off the excess water on the outside. Don't worry about getting in between the keys, just get any water drops dried up.

2. Use your Vacuum Cleaner

Yep, that's right, if you have a vacuum cleaner, use it to suck out the moisture and water from the cracks on the phone between keys or the screen. Note: Don't use any heating devices like hairdryers because these can do more damage than good.

3. Take the Battery Out

Take off the back cover and the battery. Take off anything you can remove that covers the phone like a case or screen cover. Remove the SIM card, which is usually located next to the battery. If there is any water in these areas, dry it out with a paper towel and set these pieces aside on a paper towel.

4. Get a Bowl of Rice

Rice is a great at absorbing water, so get a bowl or Tupperware full of rice, and bury your phone in it. Let it say in there for at least a full day before removing it. The rice will slowly absorb any moisture from the inside of the phone and hopefully restore it to functioning condition. 

5. Try Turning it On

Once the phone has sat in the rice for at least 24hrs, take it out and check for any moisture. If it is still wet, then repeat the process. 

If it is dry, which it should be if you did the previous steps correctly, then replace the SIM card, battery and anything else you removed. Now, cross your fingers and turn it on. 

In our experience, this worked perfectly on a Tracfone prepaid flip phone that was dropped in a toilet. After a few days in rice, it worked just fine.

If your phone doesn't turn on for some reason, try charging the battery. We also had a phone go through a washing machine and it worked ok after a charge of the battery.

If your phone still does not work, then consider taking it to a electronics store, taking it apart yourself, or buying a new cell phone.

If your phone is totally dead, then check out Tracfone Reviewer's Cell Phone Reviews page where we have reviewed lots of great phones from Tracfofne


alfred said...

A body glove is a cell phone cover that provides two important functions. They are designed to prevent the casing of the phone from scratches and minimize the shock received after being dropped on the floor.


Anonymous said...

My simple flip open motorola has been through the washing machine twice and wet from being in the rain/wet clothes once. thought it was dead but a week of air drying and a charge and its back to life. will follow the tips next time, if there is one... thanks!