September 11, 2013

LG 840G vs LG 530G - Phone Comparison

How Does the LG 840G Compare to the LG 530G?

This is a common question, which phone is better? Should I buy the LG 840G or the LG 530G?

Here we will discuss the similarities and differences between the LG 840G and LG 530G, noting the pros and cons for each phone as well as choose the best between the two.

Tracfone LG 840g vs lg 530g
LG 840G vs LG 530G Cell Phone Comparison
The LG 840G and LG 530G are two cell phones offered through Tracfone Wireless as prepaid cell phones. You can buy these phones at most retail stores, and many places online. Buying service/minutes for these phones is also easily done online or in stores.

For more information on Tracfone, read our Overview of Tracfone. For more on their cell phones, check out our Tracfone Cell Phone Reviews.

Now, let's get back to the LG 840G vs LG 530G:

LG 840G vs. LG 530G - Similarities and Differences

Beginning with the similarities, these phones are both made by LG, a well known electronics company. Both phones also come with some of the same features:

tracfone lg 530g vs lg 840g
LG 530G
Features offered on Both Phones:
  • Triples Minutes for Life
  • Mobile Web
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • MP3 Player
  • Camera/Video Recorder (LG 840G has 2PM vs 1.3MP for LG 530G)
  • Hands Free Speaker/Voice Recorder
  • Voicemail/Alarm Clock/Caller ID Etc.
  • 1000 Entry Phone Book
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Includes other basic features, like Wall Charger Etc.
  • Both phones are similar size, and fit comfortably in your hand.
These two phones offer a number of the same great features. Triple Minutes for Life is the best deal you can get from Tracfone, and Triples every minute you add to your phone. (So if you add 60 minutes, you will receive 180 minutes!)

With this information, one can see that both phones are good choices, but let's look at the key differences between the LG 840G and LG 530G to see if there is a best choice.

Features Offered on the LG 530G but not the LG 840G:
  • The LG 530G comes with a full QWERTY keyboard for fast and efficient texting.
  • The LG 530G also typically sells for about $10 cheaper than the LG 840G.
The QWERTY keyboard is a great feature for the LG 530G; it makes texting very easy, and almost anyone can become comfortable using this phone for texting. At about $10 less expensive, the LG 530G is a better deal for the budget conscious. 

But let's look at what the LG 840G has to offer:

lg 840g vs lg 530g tracfone cell phone
LG 840G
Features Offered on the LG 840G but not the LG 530G:
  • Full Touchscreen
  • 2GB MicroSD card included for Picture/Music storage
  • 3G speeds and connectivity
  • WiFi Capability
  • The LG 840G can also go 13 days on standby (compared to 6 days for the LG 530G)
That's a pretty serious list of extra features the LG 840G comes with that the LG 530G lacks! 

The LG 840G's touchscreen may be challenging for some, but for anyone accustomed to touchscreen devices, it is very easy to use.

An included 2GB MicroSD card is very convenient, allowing you to add music or pictures to the phone.

3G speeds make the LG 840G faster than most Tracfone cell phones for surfing the web. Speaking of surfing the web, the WiFI on the LG 840G allows the user to use the internet for FREE when connected to a WiFi network. 

These features make the LG 840G one of the best phones offered by Tracfone, with probably the best list of features. You can even add Google Maps to the LG 840G.

LG 840G Vs LG 530G - The Winner Is:

This is a close comparison, because the LG 530G is a durable and useful phone. But the LG 840G wins because of the awesome extra features it has, including: WiFi, 2GB Micro SD, Touchscreen and 3G speed.
lg 840g vs lg 530g
White LG 840G

Another reason TracfoneReviewer chooses the LG 840G over the LG 530G is price, the LG 840G can be found on Amazon for less than $40! And even in White!

DEAL UPDATE - The White LG 840G is going for $30 on Amazon last check!

In the end, both phones are good choices, but the LG 840G offers better features. You can read our detailed reviews of each phone: LG 840G Review and LG 530G Review to learn more.

Learn more about getting great deals from Tracfone, read our guide about the Cheapest Prepaid Plan from Tracfone.

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Thomas Weaver said...

I just checked the Tracfone website and a refurbished LG 840g is going for $10.

Peter Vanosdall said...

Now that;s a steal!

Thomas Weaver said...

Making room for the new ANDROID phones, I guess...

Peter Vanosdall said...

Check that out, Tracfone is getting fancy. Heard something was coming up, looks like a pretty good phone.

Thomas Weaver said...

I just got my LG 840g a month ago, so I don't think I could buy the Android at this time with a clear conscience. I digress though and agree, it looks pretty good (and its StraightTalk reviews tend to agree.

I think the only thing I can't come to terms with is the new minutes model for the Android. Talking, texting, and data will each have their own units. A 60 minute card will get you 180 minutes of talk, 180 texts, and 180MB of data (this phone comes standard with Triple Minutes). I can see how it'd be great for folks who don't want data usage to cut into their minutes pool (an issue for other Tracfone users. Plus, an Android's bread and butter IS arguably its data capabilities, like the iPhone), but the new model really cuts texting (for me, leastways). I'm a heavy texter (last month, I went through around 500 messages). I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay $200 for get the 1,500 unit package (Tripled, mind you), and get access to a pool of 13,500 texts versus 4,500 texts on an Android (granted, the 13,500 will be sharing voice and data minutes, but texting is a solid majority of my cell phone communications).

I'm happy to see Android make its way to Tracfone, but I wish they'd kept the old pricing model, or at least have the option to go back to the old model based on what you need. But I digress, what works for me (my phone habits/needs, et cetera) may not work for others, so we'll see what happens.

Peter Vanosdall said...

Yeah, I am interested to see how the data/texting/minutes works on these android phones. By the way, there is supposed to be three more android phones coming to Tracfone in the very near future.

Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Have been using my lg840g for a month now. have been trying to move address book from old phone to it. cannot connect via bluetooth. i could connect to my laptop but when i try to use the connection it pops a flag that says, connect to headphone only. talked to tracfone and they say they do not support any options except bluetooth headphones. what gives or has anyone had anything to do with this issue.

cj orey said...

i have the lg 840..a real nice it much better than the lg800.ive been reading reviews for about a month or so on the androids.come so close to getting one,but not many issues going with them..maybe in time will see how the new lg opt.dyn.2 reviews.and the 3 bucket issue is a problem for so many out of one of the buckets so have to refill,and the minutes you buy are split up..thats a issue for me.some say its costing them a lot more for the tracfone androids because of the bucket system.will wait and see..but for now..i'll stick with my lg 840.

not phone savy said...

Is the LG840G a 4.0 or 2.3 or what?