August 1, 2014

Tracfone Promo Codes for August 2014

List of New Tracfone Promo Codes for August 2014

Below is a list of promotional codes for use with Tracfone prepaid service. These codes are collected for your convenience by TracfoneReviewer.

tracfone promo code
Tracfone Promo Codes!
Tracfone Wireless is a prepaid cell phone company with low cost phones and service. They provide promotional codes for extra incentives, and we have collected the newest codes for August 2014 here for you to use when adding a new prepaid minutes card.

Each month we collect and share new promo codes here, but you can also visit our main Tracfone Promo Codes page where we have more codes and keep a larger updated list.

Sometimes these codes don't work, so we suggest adding online where you can try several codes. Also, if the code doesn't work you can call Tracfone and they will usually give you the minutes.

It is important to note that these codes do not work on Android smartphones from Tracfone. If you're trying to decide if a smartphone is right for you, view our new post, 6 Key Differences between Android and non-Android devices from Tracfone.

Leave a comment below with which codes worked for you. Now, here are the codes for August!

Tracfone Promo Codes for August 2014

The codes are listed with the minute card they go with, but you can also use them on any cards of greater value/ So a code for a 60 minute card should work for a 120 or 200 minute card.

60 Minute Card - Enter 84464 or 40020 to get 30 bonus minutes

120 Minute Card - Use promo code 32102 for 60 minutes, or 88732 for 30 bonus minutes

200 Minute Card - Enter code 50600 or 24265 for 40 extra free minutes

400 Minute/1 Year Card - Use 88542 and get 300 free minutes

450 Minute Card - Add promo code 32313 or 93528 to receive 50 bonus minutes

These codes should all ve valid through August 31st 2014. Sometimes codes don't work, either because they might be one time use, or they are for a particular region/phone. Please leave a comment with which codes are working for you!

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Thanks for visiting, and we hope you found these codes useful and were able to get some free minutes!

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John Hufnagel said...

I lose the triple minute feature when using your codes. Instead of getting 180 on a 60 minute card, I just get 90. I assumed you would get the extra 30 regardless. Does not work that way and you end up losing minutes. You should advise people that have double or triple minutes with their phones.

Peter Vanosdall said...

We have never heard of this happening to anyone else and you should probably contact Tracfone and get them to give you the proper amount of minutes. The codes don't affect whether you get triple minutes, that is a problem with your phone or Tracfone.

Anonymous said...

Worked on my LG tracfone, got 180 plus 30 on a 60 minute card on Aug 2......

Anonymous said...

Using the August 2014 code 84464, I was able to turn a 60-minute card into 170 minutes, combining the 30-minute promo code and the built-in double minutes. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Using promo code 32102 for my Triple Minute Tracfone and received 60 minutes for free Turned 200 minutes into 660 minutes. Tickled Pink Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

I just used promo code 32102 for my triple minute Tracfone and received the 60 extra minutes. Loving the 660 minutes. Thanks for your blog info.

Anonymous said...

Promo code 88542 worked perfectly on my LG. 400 minutes at triple value plus 300 free minutes. Thanks for the code.

Anonymous said...

88542 worked! Thanks!

Matt said...

I tried to use several Promo Codes with my iPhone 4S and was told by Tracphone customer service "Please be informed that the promo codes are not applicable to our Tracfone Android phones and BRING YOUR OWN PHONE (BYOP) PROGRAM."

Anonymous said...

On 400 double minutes card got 300 extra with code 88542 on 8-28-14.

Anonymous said...

on 400 double mins card got the 300 extra mins with 88542 code on 8-30-14.....many thanks!