July 15, 2015

GSM 4G LTE Activation Kit for Tracfone BYOP Available

Bring Your AT&T/GSM Smartphone to Tracfone

This information regarding bringing GSM devices to use with Tracfone is brought to you by TracfoneReviewer and we will continue to update and share additional information here as we know more. Stay tuned!

activate tracfone byop
News about Tracfone GSM Activation Kit
Tracfone Wireless appears to finally be allowing GSM users to bring their smartphones to use with the BYOP program. We've seen various signs of this over the past few months, and now it is becoming a reality.

Order a CDMA/GSM activation kit on the Tracfone website, have an AT&T compatible GSM device, follow the online instructions, and you should be up and running. It sounds simple, and maybe it is, but stick around as we look into bringing GSM devices to Tracfone.

For those who might not know, Tracfone is a low cost prepaid service provider. They also sell phones to use with their low cost service, as well as allow consumers to bring certain smartphones to Tracfone.

Until recently, you could only bring Verizon compatible CDMA phones to use with Tracfone. This was great, but for those who live in areas without Verizon coverage, you were out of luck.

But now Tracfone is offering the same option of bringing your own smartphone to use on Tracfone's GSM network (through AT&T). It also appears that Tracfone has released at least one GSM smartphone, the LG Sunrise.

Well let's jump straight into what you're probably looking for, how to get your unlocked GSM phone activated with Tracfone.

How to Get a GSM or CDMA Activation Kit

Tracfone BYOP GSM phone
If the first kit is sold out, try the kit with 60 Minutes (below)
To add your unlocked AT&T (GSM) or Verizon (CDMA) 4G LTE device to Tracfone you will need a NAC (Network Access Code) and SIM card. You can get both of these in a Tracfone Activation Kit.

You get everything you need to activate either a CDMA or GSM smartphone in one kit from Tracfone. At this point, you can find the Kit in stores, or online at the Tracfone website.

We ordered our kit by visiting this link, clicking select SIM, and then choosing the Activation Kit plus 60 Minute Card, because the Kit only option was sold out. (We have since found the activation kit available on Amazon and the Walmart website)

We received the kit in about a week, coming with both the kit and minutes.

activate gsm smartphone with tracfone
Tracfone GSM/CDMA Activation Kit (plus 60 Minutes)
Once you have the kit, and a phone, you can get started by visiting the Tracfone byop site and following the prompts for adding your phone. In some cases, consumers have had a quick and simple process of activating a new phone, while others have faced some challenges.

We will share additional updates on this once the kit arrives.

Should you Choose GSM or CDMA?

For quite a while now, Tracfone only accepted smartphones that used Verizon CDMA service. This limited smartphones to only those in areas with good Verizon coverage.

Now that is changing as people in GSM areas with AT&T coverage can also use smartphone with Tracfone service. But which one is right for you?

We created a resource that goes into the Difference between GSM and CDMA that you can take a look at if you are not sure about your situation.

For more information about bringing your own phone to use with Tracfone, visit our Tracfone BYOP page.

Will Tracfone Release more GSM Smartphones?

This is a common question we see, although usually it is, 'Will Tracfone release a GSM Phone soon?', but now that the LG Sunrise has appeared, we expect Tracfone to continue to, although perhaps slowly, release newer and better GSM smartphones. We saw this with the CDMA smartphones, and Tracfone has continued to offer newer devices with better specs.

So if you don't want to try bringing your own device to Tracfone, it shouldn't be too long before more GSM smartphone options are also available.

Check out the comments section below and leave a comment with your questions or experiences using Tracfone BYOP, and if you've been able to activate a GSM phone on their service.

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Tom C said...

Has this been tried with an ATT iPhone 4S?

Anonymous said...

Does Blu Stadio 6 LTE work with Tracphone ?

Anonymous said...

Was walking around Walmart late last night, checked the phone section and saw the GSM Sim activation kit(it also had sims for CDMA). Bought it, put it in my 2nd Gen Moto G and after giving up on TF's website, activated it over the phone. Added the 60 min card it came with plus a 2gb data card that's on sale at walmart online and I'm up and running.

Only 3g, but it's as fast as my Virgin mobile iPhone 5c in my home with only 3 bars of LTE. So far so good.

Anonymous said...

Your Moto G is GSM? Triple minutes too?

Anonymous said...

Is your area primarily CDMA territory for Tracfone?

Anonymous said...

So this only works with att phone, not a T-Mobile phone or such?

Anonymous said...

It's triple minutes. I got second gen Moto G, unlocked GSM, great coverage on ATT network. I don't know CDMA vs GSM coverage here. I used to have Net10 way back when and thought coverage was decent, but that was before smartphones. So far coverage looks good.

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy the second gen Moto g? That's the phone I want but I don't know where to buy it. Did you get it from Amazon or ebay, or somewhere else? Thanks for any help in advance. :)

960h said...

Hi, I have a query this is not a T-Mobile phone or such? Only works with att phone ?

Anonymous said...

Works with AT&T phones (post paid, GoPhone etc) or ANY unlocked gsm phone. The only issues with other unlocked phones are the LTE bands. You can have a cheap Chinese phone for like $40 but you will only get 3g/HSPA, since they lack the LTE bands.

Blu phones have most AT&T bands.

3rd gen Moto G and X will launch 07/28/15, I would wait for that moto g instead of buy 2nd gen now, price will be similar.

Anonymous said...

1. T-Mobile is GSM - does that qualify as an "AT&T compatible GSM device" referred to above? Tracfone's terminology leaves me unsure. My daughter is giving me her used T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 and I want to use it with my Tracfone account.

2. Please WHERE does one find and buy the above referenced GSM Activation Kit with the 3 different Sim Cards - just not finding a link or anything about it on the Tracfone site!!!

Anonymous said...

The T-Mobile will work if it's not locked to T-Mobile network, you have to check with them. I don't know if I can post a direct link (Tracfone site is messy) but to order the sim (if you can't find it to your local Walmart store) you mouse over "Phones" on tracfone.com, then click on "Bring your own phone".
Select the 2nd option, GSM Smartphone and click on "GO".
New window click on "AT&T compatible". Put in your zip, or any other zip with at&t coverage. Next window click on "Buy sim online". Next window it doesn't matter which size you choose (the kit will have 4 sims: 1 standard/micro and 1 nano for verizon and the same for at&t).
Next window you select the sim kit and proceed to checkout (idk if they still have free shipping)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much . . . just ordered it . . . Tracfone site is so confusing and seemingly lacking complete/concise information IMHO!

dr bug said...

I just purchased a new Microsoft Lumia 640 (GSM) Go Phone from Walmart after ordering the SIM kit from Tracfone which was delivered via Fed Ex with free 3 day shipping (took 2 days). The phone was brand new in the package from Walmart and un-activated.

I used the Tracfone web site to activate the SIM card for the phone through the BYOP page and within minutes, the card showed up as a phone in my account and my old phone was now showing as inactive. I removed the Go Phone SIM and inserted the Tracfone SIM. Within about two hours, the Microsoft phone was active and functioning on the AT&T network using the Tracfone SIM card.

The phone is fully functional with some modification needed to APN for cellular data to work (as documented) to settings for APM (under Cellular + SIM in settings).

So yes, buy a new GSM or CDMA phone of your choice with the purchase of a Tracfone "Bring Your Own Smartphone SIM Kit" and get the benefit of low cost Tracfone service for your new smartphone. It may be un-activated or unlocked to work.

dr bug

I went to the

Jeremy said...

I have a Lumia 520 (a Go Phone) . If I were to buy the Tracfone SIM kit, it will work? (I'm upgrading from a very old LG 340g, which is also from tracfone).

Also, how do you keep track of your minutes and airtime information?

DaveP said...

I got a used Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T phone, bought a SIM thru Tracfone, and it activated without problems. Minutes and airtime were transferred from another account, and you can keep track of it by calling a special number shown on the tracfone site.

Sarah Brown said...

Hi, I have an unlocked iphone 5, which used to be a Verizon phone,that I bought from a friend. Can I use it in the BYOP Tracfone program? And if so, hw do I proceed? thanks!

freckles11 said...

I'm confused I want to get a samsung galaxy S4 gsm unlocked phone - but the S5 and S3 are listed under GSM activation but the S4 is under cdma activation - Do I buy the GSM Kits for the S4 GSM Unlocked Phone or do I have to buy the S4 CDMA Phone and Activation Kit?which do I buy? And the S4 is 4G LTE - so I need the BYOP 4G LTE Kit as well?

TerryL said...

I just ordered this one because it indicates that it has SIM cards for both type of phones: http://www.walmart.com/ip/TracFone-Bring-Your-Own-Phone-SIM-Activation-Kit/46170866

Johnny Watcher said...

Does it work for Chinese phones like Doogee or Oneplus two? What network and specific frequency works?

Unknown said...

Tracfone also has an app to download for airtime info

Anonymous said...

Tracfone directions are pitiful. If you are not phone saavy don't waste time, energy and money trying to switch phones.

Personal Private said...

Getting the Moto X Pure Edition (newest) have the LG Ultimate with 5k minutes, should I use the CDMA or GSM when I get the sim? Can I just transfer my # and minutes to my BYOP or do you have to add a new minutes card? When I got my Ultimate I just transferred my minutes and number to the that and did not add a new minutes card since I had tons of minutes already. Live in the Los Angeles area. Ordered the sim kit from Walmart last night for $3 will be in store by Wednesday.

Personal Private said...

Oh boy! The more you read the direction the more confused I get...Write it like you are talking to a 3 year old and not like you are talking to Bill Gates! My Moto X pure is coming on monday, transferring my LG Ultimate with 5k Minutes and phone # to transfer...I have had 3-4 Tracfones over about 4-5 years.

kevin said...

Bought an iphone 4s that was bought in Tokyo and locked onto a Japanese phone company that used-CDMA [The 4s has a sim card slot since its advertised as a dual cdma/gsm world phone] Anyway was successfully able to use a tracfone BYOP kit and it now runs very nicely on AT&T. Being able to send and receive photos in a text was a different story but that was not the fault of either tracfone or the iphone. It was all AT&Ts fault. Has
d to use a T-mobile sim card to perform a hack. Easy to do Just search the web for the instructions. If i find them I will post them.

David Lash said...

Love my tracfone. Bottom line $100. A year. Not $50.to$100.a month. Be patient. Learn the tracfone system and save bunches. I did and have been enjoying the savings for years. If your on the phone alllll the time then you'll just have to pay the piper!

HeidiC said...

I just purchased a Blu Nevo XL and purchased from Walmart the GSM and CDMA sim cards/activation kit. I was on the phone with Tracfone for over an hour yesteday. The guy got my phone activated however I tried to make a first phone call on it and it's asking me for a password. I have done nothing to the phone and it's asking me for a password? I can't even get the 'phone' icon picture to stay on the phone screen for longer than 10 seconds. Tracfone says it's because it's locked. I got an unlocked phone so I am not sure what he meant. I am waiting for comunication from someone I bought the phone from on ebay.

Tony B. said...

Can you take your sim card out of a smart phone Tracfone and drop that sim card in an at&t compatible phone Tracfone has told me this would and wouldn't work(geez they can be confusing) thanks Tony b