March 16, 2016

Tracfone Survey - Share your Thoughts on Tracfone and the Blog

Take our Survey and Help Improve the Website! (Closed)

Update! We've received lots of great responses to our survey and have closed it. Thanks to everyone who shared their opinion, and look for the results in a future post!

The TracfoneReviewer blog has been around for several years, and we are looking at gathering more information about what our readers are interested in learning. 

tracfone survey
Tracfone Survey
When we first started this blog, Tracfone had not released any smartphones, and all phones from Tracfone could accept promo codes. Times have changed a lot since then, with more and more users switching to Tracfone smartphones or even bringing their own devices to Tracfone. We want to learn more about what our reader base is interested in learning from our blog!

We have created a short survey with twenty questions and would like to ask all of our readers to take a few minutes and fill it out.

We created this survey with three general goals:
  • Learn some basic information about our readers including some questions about Tracfone Wireless
  • Determine the most popular phones among our readers
  • Give our readers an opportunity to share ideas for future topics and what they want to read!
We are excited to give you, our readers, the opportunity to help shape the direction and topics of this blog for the future.

So, are you ready to take the survey? (Update - the survey is now closed)

(closed) Click Here to Take the Survey (on Google Forms) 

We will be compiling the responses after a week or two, and share the findings in another post here on the blog! We are looking forward to providing some interesting pieces of information, including which phone is the most popular with our readers!

Remember that you only need to take the survey once, but you can share it with friends and family who also use Tracfone and would like to share their thoughts and opinions!

We will also be posting updates and information on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us if you haven't already!

If you're looking for more regular Tracfone related content, take a look at our recent list of Tracfone Deals and Discounts or view the Review of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is the most advanced phone Tracfone has offered.

Thanks for helping make TracfoneReviewer the blog that it is, and if you have any questions about the survey, leave a comment below!


Anonymous said...

It is vital to include informational such as the report from back in July 1, 2015 titled "TracFone Settles with FCC Over Locked Phones". Another report went on to inform eligible customers of TracFone, to receive a new unlocked device credit for a handset upgrade or a "partial cash refund or exchange" for their locked hadset. Also a so called "benefit" of $10 per handset. Please review and post for every one to read because one of my the "Tracfone" smart phones I purchased never received a message from TracFone in regards of this matter. So it is possible for others to not be aware of something as important as the info mentioned above.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

just used 12745 with 120 minute card = 60 bonus minutes Yeah!

Gentle Ben
03/23/2016 17:05 PDT

cj orey said...

Do all phones on byop need to be unlocked?in past i tried a couple verizon phones and one meid no.was ok but wouldnt activate under tracfone.verizon said it was strictly for confused.have a droud x2,its meid ok but cant get activated.suggestions?

Anonymous said...

On 07/08/16, I called to install Straight Talk service and u guys have the rudest customer service people on the phones. I still have service with Verizon but is no longer under contract so I decided to switch to straight talk and I spoke with this foreign girl that so very rude and while she was checking for my services and I asked her could I ask her a question and she stated "NO." So we continued on and I stated to her I wanted to keep my phone number that i originally had from Verizon because Verizon told me I could keep it and she did also. But when I received the text message she had given me a whole new cell phone number. I am a single mom and I have a lot of duties dealing with my phone and to have to wait a whole week for another SIM card to be sent to me is just flat out ridiculous. The same way I was given a number that I should not have had, i felt the number could have been changed then. I chattted with someone named Fabian and that person was no help at all and i asked could someone answer the phone while i was still chatting with her. I first talked with a foreign girl then a foreign guy and couldn't understand too much of what they were saying but you need to get better people in your call center with better attitudes, manners, customer service ettiquette, and knowledge of what they are doing. I stated on hold for over 3 to 4 hours waiting to speak to someone. Talk with Fabian cause as i was messaging him, no one answered the phone at all and that person did not allow me to speak to anyone, stating that all other supervisors were not there so that left us messaging the whole time. Once I get that SIM card, since i have already paid for the kit, you will never have to worry about me continuing service with u guys and I will make sure that everyone in my area know about your poor service and not to even bother with investing into your service, if it has to be that poor & sorry! Thanks for Nothing!!!! Get better people in your business and get some people that can answer the phone and speak english and be able to help you in an appropriate way and not be rude. Good luck with your business because it won't last long being ran in this manner. SMDH....P.S.

Anonymous said...

Yup TRACFONE sucks, having issues to getting my sim card activated. Customer service rep was very rude and she was not helpful. Tried to get her name but she hung up on me!!! Not going to continue with them ever!!! They don't value their customers!!