December 13, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Sky (S320VL) Review - Tracfone Android

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Sky (S320VL) Review

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tracfone samsung galaxy sky
Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Sky Review
The Samsung Galaxy Sky has a 5" touchscreen, quad-core processor with 1.5 GB RAM, and runs Android 6.0. It also has 16 GB internal memory, something very few smartphones from Tracfone have at this time.

We recently reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Luna, which has a number of similarities to the Sky, although it differs in screen size and internal memory. We will look more closely at how these phones compare, and several others from Tracfone, further along in our review.

Tracfone has released a number of new smartphones in 2016, and the Galaxy Sky, which was released in November, might be one of the best budget friendly options yet.

Lets look at the quick facts for the Galaxy Sky to get an idea of what it offers.

Samsung Galaxy Quick Facts
The Good:
-16 GB internal memory
-Android 6.0
-5" Super AMOLED HD touchscreen

The Not so Good:
-Only 5 MP camera

A major complaint that consumers have had with Tracfone is their lack of smartphones with 16 GB internal memory or more. The majority of Tracfone smartphones only have 8 GB memory, which fills up fast even if you only load a handful of apps. The Galaxy Sky comes with 16 GB which can hold a lot more apps, photos and more.  The ZTE ZMAX 2 is another option that also has 16 GB internal memory.

Of course, there are plenty of unlocked smartphones that have 16 GB internal memory or more. Take a look at our list of the Best Unlocked Smartphones to use with Tracfone BYOP for some ideas or go straight to our BYOP page.

But there are some more great features on the Sky, so let's take a look at the full list of features and specs.

Samsung Galaxy Sky Features and Specs

Below are the features, followed by the technical specifications
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 4G LTE Capable using CDMA network (Verizon)
  • WiFi, GPS
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Alarm Clock
  • MP3 Player
  • 5 MP Rear Camera, 2 MP Front Camera
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Access to over 1 Million Apps on Google Play Store
  • Proximity and Accelerometer Sensor
  • 3 Home Screens
  • MMS (Picture and group) messaging 
  • Caller ID, Voicemail
  • Triple Minutes for Life (on regular airtime cards)
Samsung Galaxy Sky Specs
  • Size: 5.60" x 2.79" x 0.31"
  • 5.0" Super AMOLED Touchscreen 720x1280 resolution (HD)
  • 1.2 Ghz Quad Core Processor
  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • 16 GB Internal Memory (with MicroSD card slot for up to 128 GB external memory)
  • Battery: 2600 mAh with 25 Hrs Talk Time, 13 Days Standby

The Galaxy Sky is a little larger than many of the older smartphones from Tracfone such as the LG Ultimate 2 or Samsung Galaxy Stardust, but at 5", it is still a convenient size that will fit in most pockets or purses. Notice that the screen is Super AMOLED, which means deeper blacks, and in some cases, better battery life.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key features on the Galaxy Sky with our full review.

Samsung Galaxy Sky Review

Below we share what we like about the Sky, and what we don't like.

What we Like about the Sky:
There's a lot to like about this phone, but some of the key features that make it popular are the battery life, internal memory and Android OS.

Tracfone samsung galaxy sky
Samsung Galaxy Sky front, side and back. Notice the rounded edges and slim design.
The battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Sky is very good compared to most other smartphones. The Sky doesn't have a large battery, but a combination of the screen, processor and operation system help conserve power to make it last all day with normal use, or nearly two weeks on standby. A longer battery life is something everyone can enjoy, whether you use your phone often or not.

Android 6.0 comes with a number of improvements, fixes, and upgrades (including better battery performance). One of the improvement is better integration of external Micro SD cards, however, it doesn't appear that the Sky is able to fully integrate external storage as if it were internal storage. .

Speaking of storage, the Galaxy Sky has 16 GB, with about 11 GB usable space. This is a great improvement over many of Tracfone's other smartphones.

Additionally, the combination of 1.5 GB RAM with the quad-core processor is more than adequate for the phone to handle most activities and apps.

We also want to mention the touchscreen, which has HD resolution and good colors. As we mentioned above, the 5" screen is a comfortable size for many and looks great, qith good colors and sharpness.

The Samsung Galaxy Sky packs nearly everything we would want in a budget smartphone from Tracfone. But there are some negatives we want to mention.

What we Don't Like:
The main drawback with the Galaxy Sky is the front and rear camera. The rear camera is only 5 MP, while the front is 2 MP. The quality is reasonably good, but at such a low resolution, you will probably want something better to capture any important memories.

It also appears that external Micro SD cards may not be integrated as internal memory the same way many other Android 6.0 devices are able to do. We're not sure why there is a difference with the Galaxy Sky, but will add additional information as it becomes known.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Sky does come with a handful of apps most users won't want, but it is possible to remove some of them, or at least disable them. Most phones come with a variety of pre-installed apps, so this is not something specific to the Sky.

That concludes the issues we've found with the Sky. It is a well rounded phone in most ways and ideal for moderate smartphone users upgrading from an older Tracfone smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Sky Overview and Comparison to other Smartphones

The Galaxy Sky brings some very popular features at a reasonable price to Tracfone users who have been waiting a long time. While the camera is not a strong point, the phone does excel in many other ways, especially battery life, screen quality, and overall performance.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Luna, the Sky is a little more expensive, but also has twice the internal memory, and a larger screen. They both have the same processor, RAM and cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy Sky is a significant improvement over many older Tracfone smartphones like the LG Ultimate 2, Moto E and Samsung Galaxy Stardust for many reasons, but especially the 16 GB memory and Android 6.0 OS. They phone will be smoother and faster than older devices, as is to be expected.

While we do expect Tracfone to continue to release smartphones with similar or improved features in 2017, the Samsung Galaxy Sky is a great phone, and, with some of the airtime bundles below, a great deal.

For additional information on how to use the Galaxy Sky, take a look at the interactive tutorial.

Tracfone samsung galaxy sky
Samsung Galaxy Sky on Amazon
Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Sky:

HSN - Available with 1350 Minutes and accessories - $129 (best value)
eBay - Available with $25 airtime card - $129
Amazon - With Airtime bundle - $119

Prices may change, and HSN will probably sell out sometime in the near future.

That concludes our review of the Samsung Galaxy Sky. We are excited about the improvements this phone has over older smartphones. Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

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Unknown said...

Another great review of a Tracfone, thanks. I would like to upgrade from my LG L41C but one of my favorite apps requires a compass to work. I cannot find any spec on this phone that lists that it has a compass. Can you tell me if it has a compass? I bought the LG Rebel and it did not and went back to my LG L41C so I could use Sun Surveyor Lite.

Lutz & Ruth Ann said...

Purchased and received a ZTE Max Duo 6" in late November.
A few days ago it developed this glitch:
1. Turn on and Tracfone splash screen appears.
2. After a while the home screen appears with the balloons in the back ground
3. Few more seconds and the home screen App icons appear.
NOTE: None of the App icon will react to them being pressed.
4. After a few more seconds the screen goes blank and then reappears without the App icons, just the home screen with the balloons.
5. This now alternates every 2 seconds, Home screen with and the home screen without App Icons.
It will correct itself after a HARD Reset loosing all data.
But then came back a day later.
Have you heard anything about this?
HSN/ZTE will replace it but I'm hesitant to have a phone that has a glitch.

Traci said...

Just bought this phone a little over a week ago. I love it. However, I dropped it and the screen shattered. Genius phone repair says they do not have a replacement screen for this phone. What do I do? Where can I get a replacement screen?


Lutz & Ruth Ann said...

Message to Traci,
If you are with TracFone it's cheaper to buy a new phone with another year of service and minutes than paying for the repair even if you could find the screen.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if the SD card can indeed be used as internal memory or is it different like the article suggests?

Unknown said...

I just took a look at the manual for the Samsung Galaxy Sky and I do not see anything that says that a SD card can be used as internal memory. I would use the chat to ask the question with customer service. 16 GB is not much, but much better than 8 GB that come with most Tracfones. Also remember that an App must be written by the programmer to be able to be moved to the SD card when it is used as internal memory. Not all Apps can be moved to the SD card.Here is a link to the manual.

Kathywhatnot said...

Wished they offered more white phones,would sell more as they are apple like. Very hard to find white in the newer lineup,love tracfone!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Samsung Sky in December 2016 from HSN with 1350 min., data, text. Best Tracfone I've had, and I've been a customer since flip phones. Set up was great and they even rolled over all the unused time from my ZTE which I'd had for a year. My husband's been on Samsung for years, and he's impressed with it too. The AMOLED screen is amazing. I would recommned this phone highly. I showed it to some people locked in contracts, and they want to get one too as soon as their contracts are up. They could't believe the deal this was.

Unknown said...

Just purchased the Samsung Galaxy Sky last week. Went from an Iphone to this. I will never go back to an Iphone! I love this phone! Has so many features that the Iphone doesn't offer, and it's faster, sleeker and better battery life! Not to mention you can't beat the price! I wish I had done this sooner!

Unknown said...

I bought the phone from HSN in Nov. Said 1350 minutes pre loaded and if I used WIFI the minutes would
not subtract. I keep calling Tracfone. minutes deduct. I keep calling and they say they have forwarded for help but it still is not fixed. Any help here would be appreciated.

Like the phone and do not use it much but it subtracts every call and text when it is on WIFI. One text subtracted 6 minutes. How can one text subract 6 minutes?

Unknown said...

I purchased this phone from HSN. They said it would not subtract minutes when connected to WIFI. It is always connected to WIFI and subtracts minutes for phone calls and all texts. I am really upset about this. am calling them all the time about this. Any help would be appreciated. Not fixed yet after 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Bought the Galaxy Sky from HSN in Dec. 2016; activated the phone on Jan 15 and on Jan 29 the phone all of a sudden could not find a network and gave a message that it had an invalid network locked SIM card. Called Tracfone and told me that I needed another SIM; they were going to send in 1-2 days thus putting me without a phone. I decided not to wait and returned the phone to HSN and reactivated my prior phone which was an Alcatel Pop Icon phone I had over a year without a problem. When Tracfone transferred the phone, I lost data and texts which I was not happy about, The customer rep was not very nice. There must be a defect in this Samsung phone and considering their track record, I will not buy another Samsung

Anonymous said...

Get a google voice account and phone number. When connected to Wifi does not deduct for texts or minutes for me on LG41c.

Unknown said...

QVC Has this as a today's special value today for $99 If interested.

RickiLynn said...

Wifi only saves you data, not calls or text.

Anonymous said...

I received this phone a couple days ago. I bought it from QVC for $99. It replaces my LG Ultimate 2 that I have had for more than 2 years. It was a great phone, but it was time for an upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy Sky is much faster, has more storage, has a newer version of the Android operating system, and the display is beautiful. The quality of the sound on calls is also very good. I do wish the Sky had an LED indicator like the LG Ultimate 2 (one feature I do miss), however, I installed an app called NoLED which puts icons on your sleep screen to let you know if you missed a call, or received a text or voicemail. For now, that solution is fine.

I used Tracfone's website to activate the new phone and transfer my number and data/minutes/texts from the old phone. It worked like a charm, I was up and running with the new phone in less than 10 minutes. Everything transferred just fine, and I also received all the promotional data/minutes/texts included with the QVC offer.

I really appreciate this blog. I learn a lot here.

Unknown said...

Apple sucks...

Anonymous said...

How come the ebay link only lists 8GB internal memory but this review says 16gb? I also checked the amazon link and can't find the internal memory listed anywhere, only how much expandable memory it has via SD... perhaps it's a typo on the ebay site? Also, the HSN site links to galaxy grand prime, not the sky... or is it the same? But when I search "galaxy sky" it takes me to a different phone bundle for 179, so is that a mislink? So many names, ahh... Anyway, thank you for this in depth review, I always rely on this site for my tracfone needs!

Anonymous said...

Using Google hangouts with Wi-Fi won't subtract minutes for texts or phone calls. You don't even have to have service to use Google hangouts, just a WiFi connection. Turn off your data and try it out. Otherwise phone calls and texts always use minutes on Tracfones.

Anonymous said...

Just now snagged a cdma Sky on QVC for 104.82 plus shipping minus a $5 off coupon. 3 happy years with a Tracfone LG L41C came to an end because it went skinny dipping in the washing machine. Did the math and realized, when you minus the included minutes, the phone is almost free. Tracfone rocks!

Anonymous said...

Are all Samsung Galaxy Sky models J3? I just purchased this phone from QVC and I'm looking for protectors and have come across a lot of Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky but I don't want to get the wrong thing. I cannot find anywhere on the phone anything about J3.

Anonymous said...

Just bought this on QVC for 105.00.....this price is good until March 31.

HSN is selling the same phone for 180.00........

When you use WiFi, it does NOT subtract from your phone will use up your data though, if you are not hooked up to a free hot spot, or your home Wifi.....but your data has to be on for this to happen.....

You can save space on your Rom, by downloading your pictures to an SD card, if you have one in the phone....there is an option for this in Settings.....

And there are numerous screen protectors on Amazon, for Samsung Sky J3 phones......

Kare said...

I've had a lot of tracfones and this is the best one I've ever had. Easiest to set up with no problems, takes great pictures and the only tracfone with this much memory. I never do reviews but wanted people to know this phone is the best smartphone from tracfone out there in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased the Samsung galaxy sky from QVC and had to share how much I love this phone. I don't usually do reviews. I've had a lot of tracfones and this by far is the easiest to set up, great pictures and most memory you can get in a tracfone. I 100% recommend buying this phone.

Carol said...

I am trying to figure out how to connect this phone with a wireless charger period I have the Straight Talk one but from what I understand it is the same phone. Any suggestions on making this work?

Anonymous said...

I just changed to Galaxy Sky and can't figure out how to hands free dial using bluetooth like I used to with my old Ultimate II.

There doesn't seem to be a native voice recognition app, I don't want to always have to rely on the google voice app which takes me to internet instead of opening the phone dialer.


Anonymous said...

Just bought a Samsung Galaxy Sky from HSN for $99.99, free shipping and 1350 minutes. I don't know how long this price lasts though. Going from the Ultimate to this phone and love it!

Anonymous said...

Could someone with this phone, download the next radio app, and see if it is compatible.... Thanks

Anonymous said...

I too purchase my phone from HSN in December 2016,switch to the Galaxy Sky from Tracfone Alcatel Pop Icon phone. Biggest mistake could have made, this phone "STINK". Can not receive group messages or pic's will not download any type large file, I can send but never receive and yes keep my voice/data/text minutes loaded with no less than 900/voice have 3100/text and 1gb/data usually have more data that's just what I have left now. I just do not understand why this phone will not download group or pic messages which is the reason I switch in the first place because I was have this same issue with the Alcatel. Also the keybord is a mightmare as well as this phone is very sensitive the slight little touch will set off every icon on the phone,pop,pop,pop like wt!@#??. And I hope you can hear your phone when it ring I can"t the ring volume stink as well it's fine if you are in a sound proof room, but don't be in the grocery store or just anywhere, where there is other sound or activity. Just do not like was bad investment for me. :( I'm already looking for something better.

Unknown said...

Wow I just bought a sky from TracFone I wish I knew about HSN deal mine will be here tomorrow this Moto E came from HSN it was about $100 with 1200 minutes made the phone free
... Gotta check HSN more when I go to by another tracphone

Unknown said...

If u buy the insurance with HSN they will replace it

djb said...

I have been using this phone since December and while it isn't perfect it is a big step up from my previous phone. Big bright screen is a plus as I am outside frequently and the previous phone didn't do so well.

Anonymous said...

It's worth it to buy that HSN coverage for 2-3 years. The prices only vary by a few bucks. If they can't fix it, they'll replace it.

Anonymous said...

I bought one and i'm having a problem with the battery overheating. The only app running is clash of clans and it overheats in 5 minutes. Tried putting it in front of a fan to charge it and have the same problem, and the battery does not feel hot

Calculator - Gary H. said...

I've used Tracfone for about 8 years & had 7 different phones. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Sky in mid-June from HSN (one of their last available) to upgrade from my Galaxy Grand Prime, which I’ve had four about 10 months. There are a couple features and/or specs that I discovered I wanted to point out.

1. The Sky has Dual-Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz Wi-Fi receiver, not just a Single-Band 2.4GHz one. This is the first of my Tracfone phones that has had that. I noticed that because I assigned a different SSID to my home network 5GHz band. I was surprised, but pleased, because the Samsung specs did not even list that detail. The 5GHz band has been working fine.
2. There is a feature that allows you to send a SOS message that can include, a picture taken with the front & rear cameras and/or a 5 second audio recording to a list of contacts selected by the user. (Go to Settings > Privacy & Safety > Send SOS Messages) That’s a nice feature to have, especially for kids. (That may be a feature of Android 6.0)
3. The Sky does Not have “Screen Mirroring” capability as my Grand Prime did. I confirmed that with Samsung via email. I was disappointed, and I’ll miss that.

I’m happy with the Sky so far because of all the improved Specs and features, as pointed out in the Full Review above. I however, will miss the Screen Mirroring and the better cameras (8 MP & 5 MP) on the Grand Prime. Although, I can’t complain since I only paid $89.95 for the new phone, extras, plus one year of service and 1,350 min.

Anonymous said...

Is this a triple minute phone??

WarminCal said...

I just love, love, love my Samsung Galaxy Sky Tracfone. Bought it March 2017 from QVC and it's now October 2017 and I have had no problems with it!! I have traveled to other parts of the country -- it works everywhere!! The only thing I wish it had is a few more megapixels when doing selfies but other than that it has been great!! Takes great pictures! I went through a year struggling with a ZTE phone -- too many problems -- after the third replacement I will NEVER buy another ZTE -- don't even waste your money. Samsung Galaxy Sky only. The thing you have to remember with Tracfone when dealing with them is the three "P's" -- patience, persistence and perseverance. I have been using Tracfone for years. Their customer service has definitely improved -- just have to work with their accents from Cibu City, Phillipines. Going this route saves you LOTS of money and you have access to everything you need at a much lower price! I am sold for life on this phone. Thank you Samsung :)

June James said...

I bought a Galaxy Sky Trafone last month. The battery drains very quickly, 2-5 percent an hour while in stand by mode, 1-3 percent an hour while in Ultra Battery Saving mode while in stand by. If using WiFi to read email or scroll Facebook, the battery drains 1 percent every 3-5 minutes. Tracfone tech support says this is because the phone is searching for a signal. My old Tracfone LG 840G from 2013 had a standby battery life of at least 10 days. Is it possible the battery is defective?

Anonymous said...

I bought my galaxy sky last Nov. Love the phone. As for minutes on WiFi the don't come off automatically I go to tracfone and get it there then back and then it updates on screen kind of a pain but nothing I can't live with. Makes good pictures with back camera not so great with front. Wish they had old fashioned phone ringtone loved that on my LG. So far am overall satisfied. Will keep this until better phone comes out on either qvc or HSN. Got this on qvc bought all phones from one or other over last 10 years.

urdrwho said...

I've owned the Sky for several months but I should have researched more before buying it. My LG greeted the floor hard one night and I needed a phone and the sky looked good.

Now what I DO NOT like is that unlike every phone that I've owned, going back many years, I"ve always been able to root the phones. Not the Samsung Sky (tracfone model). It is as though the developers on XDA and other places didn't give a second to come up with a way to turn S-off and root the phone. Finding a custome ROM --- well if you can't root the phone forget it.

So I am stuck with a stock ROM, no TWRP recovery, no Titanium back-up, none of the other good apps.

So I won't be owning this much longer. I know that the majority of owners don't even know what rooting is about but if you are like me and want to root the phone don't get the Samsung Sky Tracfone.

Anonymous said...

I bought this phone on Jan 29th, 2018 and have had to replace 3 sim cards in less than two months. I am working with Samsung to replace the phone so I'll see how that goes. I love the phone but it has been an inconvenience to keep switching back to my old phone until I receive the sim card and do all the transfer stuff only to have it fail within a day or two. Bummer for me!!

Calculator - Gary H. said...

I've used Tracfone for about 9 years. I purchased two new Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL phones in July & August 2017, and just activated them both about 10 days ago. Within about 30 min of activation on each phone I received a text message from Sender #24719 saying – “Service Msg: Your phone requires a software update. You will receive a notification on your phone. Please click “Install: to update. It’s safe and secure.”

When I go to Settings > Software Update to check, it indicates “Your Software is Up to Date”. The Android Version is 6.0.1 and Android Security Patch Level is October 1, 2016. I have received no O/S System Updates so far, nor text messages, but have had numerous Google software updates. I have never had any of my prior Tracfone Smart Phones have an O/S software update. I did check on the internet and saw a couple Blog site comments that did get an update, but those updates were done in the Fall of 2016.

Just seems strange that both the new phones got the message so quickly after activation. Has anyone had a more recent update on the Galaxy Sky, or does anyone know if the Sender #24719 is from a valid Tracfone or Samsung site? Any additional information would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This will be my second sim card after one week of service. I am hoping this will not be a pattern.

Anonymous said...

Purchased a Samsung Galaxy Sky from Tracfone two months ago and this experience has been nothing but a HORROR SHOW. Upon arrival, the phone did not function (locked SIM Card) and after over an hour on my land line phone with Tracfone, they decided to send me another SIM card. Upon arrival, I installed the replacement SIM card but had the same symptoms so back on my land line phone I went to Tracfone. After another 1/2 hr. discussion, they decided I needed to replace the phone which took about 2 weeks to receive. This phone functioned for only two days before failing (same locked SIM card error) so after spending another hour (between wait time and discussion) with Tracfone they decided this SECOND phone had to be returned as well. Another 2 week wait for the THIRD phone transpired which upon arrival again functioned acceptability for only 2 days (same locked SIM Card error). Tracfone's response was to again return the phone for replacement. I am now insisting that this Galaxy Sky phone be replace with another model as I am convinced there is an inherent design flaw (or quality issue) with this phone model. Tracfone has not yet "approved" my request.
I neglected to elaborate on numerous other unacceptable issues experienced during this problem (including loss of my phone number and loss of over 2,000 minutes of talk time accrued from roll over from previous Tracfone phone subscription as I understand this post is intended only to critique the Samsung Galaxy Sky phone and not to additionallycritique Tracfone's support service.

Anonymous said...

Does it come with Hangouts app?if not how do I download that as it came with phone I'm now using already

Unknown said...

Currently my friend is waiting for a new galaxy sky phone. Started by pitching a galaxy Luna. That phone didn’t made phone calls very well from the start. When the microphone would not work, the Luna was returned and got the Sky. Got the Galaxy Sky on July 10 and my friend could call me and I could hear her and she could hear me. Then this morning, July 13; it stopped working. The Radio shack sell person, determined that the microphone on the Sky’s smartphone wasn’t working. Said that the cause was because the phone had been dropped, the same reason she said the galaxy Luna phone caller could not be heard. The Luna was pursued on July 5.

Has others had this problem with the Sky? Could a drop from a bed to a carpeted floor cause the phone’s outgoing microphone to be damage and stopped working? HELP

Unknown said...

I loved my Samsung Galaxy Sky J3 phone that I purchased from HSN with 1 year of service and 1350 minutes of talk, text, and data. It was a AWESOME phone. I installed a 128 gb sd card and Magic Jack phone app to make free Wi-Fi calls. I turned off the network data switch so not to be using package data minutes while in range of Wi-Fi. After my 1 year of service was up, I upgraded to the unlocked SAMSUNG GALAXY A6 (2018) SM-A600GN/ DS DUAL SIM SUPER. AMOLED 5.6" HD 1480 x 720 pixels 16M colors+ 32 GB 3 GB RAM Octa-Core 1.6Ghz, 4G LTE 16MP Front and Rear Cameras...which is the BEST phone I ever owned!