June 27, 2017

Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro S727VL for Tracfone

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro (S727VL) Specs and Features

Details about the newly released Galaxy Sky Pro from Tracfone. 

review tracfone samsung galaxy sky pro j7 s727vl
Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro
The Samsung Galaxy J7 (called the Sky Pro) is the big brother to the Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky which has been available from Tracfone for several months now.

The Galaxy J7 Sky Pro has a large, 5.5" touchscreen, octa-core processor, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. It also comes with Android 6.0.1 and an 8 MP camera.

We've been expecting Tracfone to offer more smartphones with improved specs in 2017, and the Galaxy J7 Sky Pro might be one of the first mid-range devices to come to Tracfone with 2 GB RAM.

View the Samsung Galaxy Sky Pro on Amazon ($149)

The LG X Style was released not long ago, and featured a quad core processor with 1.5 GB RAM. We are excited to see the improvements on the Sky Pro.

Many Tracfone users have been looking for a phone from Tracfone that can offer performance at an affordable price, will the Galaxy J7 meet that need? Let's look at the specs to learn more.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro (S727VL) Features and Specs

Features and specs for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
  • 4G LTE using CDMA (Verizon) service
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Voicemail, Caller ID, MMS/SMS
  • 8 MP Rear Camera/ 5 MP Front Camera
  • Handsfree speaker, Alarm Clock, MP3 Player
Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro Technical Specs
  • Size: 3.09" x 6.0" x 0.30"
  • 5.5" HD Touchscreen 720x1280 resolution (TFT)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB Internal Memory (Up to 256 GB memory with external Micro SD Card)
  • 1.4 Ghz Octa-core processor
  • 3300 mAh Battery (31 hours talk time, 22 days standby)
The Galaxy J7 brings improvements in several areas over its predecessors, the Galaxy Sky and Galaxy Luna, most notably increased RAM, screen size and processor.

The Galaxy Luna has a 4.5" screen, while the Galaxy Sky comes with a 5" screen. Both of these devices have been popular choices for their good performance, and reasonable price, which leads us to expect good things from the Galaxy J7 Sky Pro and its boosted RAM and processor.

What appears to be missing from the Samsung Galaxy Sky Pro is Triple Minutes for Life. Tracfone seems to not be including that with the new phones they are releasing, starting with the LG Fiesta. While this sounds like a deal-breaker for many (and is for some), it is generally a better value to buy the smartphone only airtime cards, which don't triple anyway. (for more information on which airtime cards are cheapest/best value, read our Tracfone Airtime Comparison article.)

The Galaxy J7 will run Android 6.0.1 which is a fairly recent version of the OS, but the LG Fiesta already comes with Android 7.0.

tracfone samsung galaxy j7 s727vl
Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro for Tracfone

With the newer specs on the Galaxy J7 Sky Pro, we have added it to our List of the Top 5 Tracfone Cell Phones.

Verizon will also be getting their own version of the Samsung Galaxy J7, which may have different specs than the Tracfone version. And it may be possible to bring it to the Tracfone BYOP program at a cheaper cost.

Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Sky Pro is currently available from QVC.com for $149 with airtime bundle (1500 talk, text, data and 1 year service) which is a great deal. The airtime is worth about $125, making the phone only $15. We expect the price to go up slightly in the near future.

You can also find it on Amazon with an airtime card for $149

Overall the Galaxy J7 Sky Pro is very similar to the Galaxy Sky and Galaxy Luna, but with a larger screen and improved processor and RAM to keep up. If you are looking for a phone with a large screen the Galaxy Sky Pro might be a great option.

View the online tutorial for the J7 Sky Pro to learn more.

Let us know if you have questions or thoughts by sharing a comment below. We will continue to update this as more information becomes available.

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Robert Bailey said...

The reviews are great and are a significant help when selecting a phone upgrade. Presently have an LG Ultimate II and have had nothing but great success with LG phones. The "brightness" of the screen is one of the main issues with all the smart phones that I see in use. Please add any kind of statement regarding screen brightness that you can to future reviews. I could easily be my deciding factor. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Just switched from Ultimate II to Galaxy Sky. Screen is brighter and has more contrast, and there is a feature to boost an additional amount for 15 minutes called Outdoor Mode. I haven't yet tried to read the screen in bright sunshine outdoors but it looks promising.

Anonymous said...

Will the Galaxy Sky be able use Wi-Fi® Capable calling on Tracfone? Other sites/plans can implement it. But no data with Tracfone yet.

LindaB said...

Because of the reviews here, I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Sky on QVC. It was just over $100 and came with one year of service with Tracfone. I think that is a great deal. I am very happy with the phone. I upgraded from a Samsung S2.

Anonymous said...

Do we have an expected release date for the Sky Pro?

Gabrial Middleton said...

Does the phone have a magnetometer

Unknown said...

Why does my samsungj7skypro keep buzzing intermittently?

Anonymous said...

Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro now available at QVC. Ordered mine today.

Nancy Mills said...

On sale today (6-26-17) on QVC for $139.95. Includes 1500 minutes/texts/data and one year of service. Pretty good deal if you figure it costs $125 for the 1500 minutes. Phone is about $15.00!

Robdan said...

Just ordered mine yesterday from QVC. I'm replacing my LG Premier because there was marginal memory. I predict the Sky Pro will be the hottest new Tracfone for this year.

Anonymous said...

Is there any HotSpot or Tethering feature available on this phone?

Val said...

Can you buy a straight talk monthly plan with this phone ?

Anonymous said...

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If you prefer to go the Amazon Unlocked route check these out.

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to be released on June 30th

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to be released July 10th

I purchased Moto G4 last October for $99 from Amazon.
I removed AT&T sim card from my Tracfone and installed with no
problem and no need for Tracfone customer service.

Anonymous said...

Can you carry this phone on an airplane since it has lithium batteries?

Hoody said...

for cryin out loud, why does better specs have to mean "bigger" size??, can't one be made with the better specs but with a screen "under" 5" ??? I don't need a mini laptop to carry around to use as a "phone" but I would like one that has say the same specs as the old S5 mini available by now.

I broke down and did get the LG Phoenix 2 last Oct on sale for 30 bucks, this is 5" and its about as big as I ever want to go, its a good phone, just the battery they use is a bit too small for and doesn't last all that long.

Asma Harshi said...

What makes the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro stand out of the crowd is the design of the antenna bands at the top and bottom of the rear panel coupled with the flushed camera module, which is surely a head turner, though the front of the device resembles strongly with Samsung Galaxy S7

Unknown said...

Does anybody samsung j7 sky pro black out while you are watching videos? Mine does And I just wanna know how can i fix it,but I still can here the video playing but i can't see it please let me know something

Barbra Stewart said...

Thanks for this article.

I'm finding some conflicting information on this phone though. I just ordered it from QVC and it lists the processor as "1.4GHz quad-core processor" not an octa-core processor. Also, another site online that lists the Samsung Sky Pro S727VL specs gives me differing information.

I think this will be a great phone for me either way, but am wondering if QVC has the right specs listed?

Anonymous said...

16/2 GB is good.....5.5" is good.......however, the screen is only 720P, and it is not super amoled?

Does record in 1080P.....does have an octa-core processor.....

But only an 8 MB rear camera? Should have had at least a 13 MB....

Anonymous said...

Had this phone just under 1 month and screen cracked after being dropped once from about 3 Ft.... still work fine...

Anonymous said...

Tracfone upcoming phones should have the latest operating system, 1080p or HD screens, at least 16gb memory, 13 mega pixel camera and include silver, gold and white phones. All these would be nice.

Unknown said...

It has a quad core processor. Says right on the dam box....

Jeff said...

Can Samsung J7 sky pro be used as hot spot?

Anonymous said...

That's why 3 years insurance covers most everything.

Brooklynblessed said...

You can also get great cases at Amazon. Durable and cheap. This is a great deal.

JanJardin said...

Unfortunate name as it sounds like a star gazing app.

Cass said...

I would like to know this too

Jeanne said...

I already have a J7. Can I sign up for Tracfone using this phone?

Jeanne said...

I have a J7 that I bought through Sprint. Can I cancel Sprint and use this J7 with Tracfone?

Mark Allen said...

Is wifi single or dual band?