July 24, 2017

Tracfone WiFi Calling - How it Works and More

How WiFi Calling Works with Tracfone and How to Make Free Calls

free calling wifi tracfone
Tracfone WiFi Calling
Is WiFi Calling Free? How does it work? We are here to help answer questions about WiFi Calling, and share an option for free calling using WiFi. If you're not sure how WiFi Calling works, if you have it or if you want it, this is the article to read.

Information about WiFi Calling with Tracfone is not completely clear, but we've tried to collect and share the most accurate details below. If you have anything to add, or if we made a mistake, let us know in the comments.

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Now, let's take a look at WiFi Calling with Tracfone.

What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling is a feature that allows you to send and receive both calls and texts over a WiFi network instead of the cell network. The main benefit is that you can stay connected with calls/texts when cell service is not available but WiFi is, such as in the basement of a large building, or in a rural area.

WiFi Calling doesn't give you the ability to make free calls and texts. (Read further along to learn how to do this with Google Voice.) You are still charged the normal rate for calls and texts by Tracfone.

WiFi Calling works on both Android and iOS devices, although not all phones support it, and not all cell phone service providers support it.

Tracfone does support WiFi Calling, but only on some smartphones, and certain BYOP devices. It appears to depend on the phone and your location, as not all the networks Tracfone users support WiFi Calling.

To see if your phone is capable, take a look at the requirements for WiFi Calling:

Basic Requirements for WiFi Calling

There are a few basic requirements for WiFi Calling
  • SIM Card/Network that Supports it
  • Cell Phone with WiFi Calling Capability
  • e911 Registration
The first two requirements can be a little tricky to figure out. The easiest way is to just try and enable WiFi Calling to see if it will work. Tracfone uses several other cell phone networks, and a variety of different smartphones, so not all are capable or compatible.

You can visit https://e911-reg.tracfone.com/wps/portal/home/ and enter your phone number and last four digits of your SIM card number (located on your SIM card for BYOP devices).

Testing with an unlocked Moto G4 Plus with GSM SIM was unsuccessful.

How to Setup WiFi Calling

If you're phone is eligible, then follow these steps for WiFi Calling:
  1. Register an E911 address, which requires you to submit your home address, by visiting http://e911-reg.tracfone.com 
  2. Enable WiFi Calling on your device (if it isn't already enabled) by going to Settings > More > WiFi Calling. Here is a Tracfone tutorial for enabling WiFi Calling.
  3. If you run into problems, try double checking each step and if that doesn't work, contact Tracfone directly or leave a comment below.
If you're phone is capable of WiFi Calling, it should be a fairly quick and easy process to enable it.

But what if you can't enable WiFi Calling, or you want to make free calls using WiFi? Well we've got the answer!

How to Make Free Calls using WiFi

If you were expecting WiFi Calling to make it possible to make free calls and texts, you are probably disappointed. But don't worry, there are other options for free calling and texting, and we will share one of the more popular methods here.

Using Google Hangouts/Hangouts Dialer and a free phone number from Google Voice, you can make free calls from WiFi. Anyone you call will see your Google Voice number, not your Tracfone number, but you can port your Tracfone number to Google Voice if you prefer that.

Steps to Make Free Calls with Google Hangouts Dialer:
  1. Visit Google Voice and sign up for a free phone number. You are able to choose a phone number from a large variety available from many different area codes.
  2. Download Google Hangouts Dialer app on your smartphone
  3. Connect your Account and Verify your Phone Number
  4. Make a Test Call using the Google Hangouts Dialer app to check that everything is working.
Now you should be able to send and receive phone calls to your Tracfone smartphone using your Google Voice phone number and the Dialer app.

Here is a helpful YouTube video that also explains more about Google Hangouts Dialer and how it works.

If you are looking for free texting, there are a number of texting apps such as Whatsapp, Line App, and more, that allow free texting with anyone else who also has the app.

Using a Google Voice number and the Hangouts Dialer app is a great way for anyone to make calls using WiFi without using any Tracfone airtime.

We hope this information is helpful and leave a comment with any thoughts or questions.

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Hotel1 said...

I have been trying to use wifi calling for over a year. Have an LG41C that does not seem to support it. I have checked with Tracfone mant tomes and they say the Pixi Avion is the only model that supports it. Has this changed?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I would like to know if anyone has made wifi calls from a cruise ship successfully. I use an iPhone 6 under the BYOP on TracFone, and it is GSM compatible.

Dave Johnson said...

I've been using Google Voice to to make free calls with my Tracfone for several years now. Works great for those calls where you hit a menu system and then get put on hold.

Brian LaLonde said...

I've been using the "Vonage Mobile App" free to make outgoing calls via WiFi using my Tracfone number (which I find to be an advantage over Google).
Get it here https://www.vonage.com/personal/vonage-mobile-app
I tested it and the receiving caller ID showed my TracFone number.
It was so dead simple to set up. The app took care of "sensing" my phone number (I have no idea how they're able to do that) and it just works with my existing contact list.
The downside is that it can only send SMS messages to other Vonage users, and it doesn't receive incoming calls.
But it saves me SO MANY minutes if I know I'm going to do a long conference call.

danielc said...

Thanks for this tutorial I always go to you first for all things tracfone.

Anonymous said...

I have used Google Voice (before Hangouts was around) for most of my calls. I had GV before I had a Tracfone. I have GV forwarded to my Tracfone number. I use the GV we main number.

I can answer GV on either the Tracfone, desktop or tablet. In the Settings on GV, you can set it up to forward to any number you want, including a landline. You can decide texts over GV which are forwarded to the Tracfone (can't on a landline). If I am in WiFi area I can answer the Tracfone as a cell or through the WiFi on GV directly (the option pops up on the phone).

By using WiFi as much as possible, this keeps my cell phone bill down to a bare minimum.By working this way I have a hard time remembering my Tracfone number. Only a select few people know the Tracfone number.

I don't text much but if I do respond to a text sent to GV number by cell phone the number they will see on CID will be the GV number and not Tracfone number. It does eat up minute/text units to answer through Tracfone, but I'm not on the phone that much anyway. I could use data time, or WiFi, if I wanted to use Hangouts or GV as well. I can use tools at GV to block unwanted callers as well. Don't think that can be done on Tracfone.

My system works well for me. Not for everyone. I could use my old unused smartphone as a WiFi phone as well if wanted for GV.

Joyce said...

Which tracfone phones offer wifi calling?

Tuncez said...

TY 4 info.hate those min wa$ters!

Timothy Long said...

I have an iPhone 6s on the Bhopal program and validated everything for wifi calling above. The site told me all is ready to go and should be up and ready in about an hour. Well that was nine hours ago and still can't even turn the feature on. It's supposed to be in my options but it's even there. Any suggestions?