December 2, 2014

Tracfone Promo Codes for December 2014

Tracfone Promo Code List for December 2014

Each month TracfoneReviewer shares the latest promo codes as the become available from Tracfone and around the net. We hope you enjoy the codes, and Merry Christmas from TracfoneReviewer blog!

Tracfone Wireless is a prepaid cell phone and service provider and each month there are promotional codes that customers can use to get extra prepaid minutes for free.

When you add a 60, 120, 200, 400 or 450 minute prepaid card, there are promo codes that can be entered when you enter the PIN for the card, to get anywhere from 20 to 300 bonus minutes! The easiest way to test the promo codes is by adding the minutes online at the Tracfone website, but you can also add them on your phone, or by calling Tracfone.

We have collected and shared below the latest and greatest promo codes for Tracfone that should all work for the month of December 2014. These codes are totally free to use, and we share them for your convenience! You can also see these codes, and many more, on our main Tracfone Promo Codes page.

While you're here, don't miss out on our Tracfone Christmas Gift Guide which includes plenty of gift ideas if you're having a hard time.

And if you're thinking about a new phone, the new LG Ultimate 2, Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop and Moto E are all available, and very impressive! Each run Android 4.4, and have screens larger than 4" with lots of other great specs! Unfortunately, Android phones don't accept promo codes.

Now, let's get to the Codes for December!

Tracfone Promo Codes - December 2014

Some codes can be used multiple times, others only once, if a code doesn't work for you, try another. Leave a comment below with which codes worked for you! Each code is for a certain minute amount, or any amount of greater value (so the code for a 60 minute card can be used on any card amount).

tracfone promo codes dec 2014
Tracfone 200 Minute Card
60 Minute Card use promo code 71287 and get 30 bonus minutes for free!

120 Minute Card enter code 79679 for 60 extra minutes or code 20036 for 30 minutes

200 Minute Card use either 45394 or 23798 to receive 40 free minutes

450 Minute Card add code 91951 to get 50 bonus minutes

400 Minute/1 Year Card enter promo code 76374 for a total of 300 bonus minutes!

SPECIAL! $15 off Tracfone 400 Minute/1 Year Card - Use promo code 47770 and get $15 off! Can only be used online at the Tracfone Website.

We hope you got some free minutes from these codes, and even saved some money with the special $15 off code! If you like these codes, and tips and information about Tracfone, then join us on Facebook! We have over 500 Tracfone users in our fast-growing community!

Looking to buy minutes? You can find Tracfone minutes (some at a nice discount) on eBay and Amazon.

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We recently shared about using the Moto G with Tracfone, which some of you may find very exciting.

Thanks for visiting and we hope these codes worked for you! Share with others who might also benefit from the free minutes! Merry Christmas from TracfoneReviewer!


Joe Piacentino said...

Why can't you use promo codes when adding minutes to smart phones?

Hoody said...

Anybody know the reason why Trackphone doesn't allow these bonus codes to work on Android phones?

tony said...

the fact that tracfone doesn't allow promo codes on smartphones is why i am sticking with a standard tracfone. those free promo code minutes really add up!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am about to switch from a triple minute LG 840G to an Ultimate 2. I got a year card and 400 minutes. I am planning on adding the card to my old phone first so I can get triple minutes and use a bonus code for 300 minutes, then transfer to my Ultimate 2. With what I currently have I should end up with over 2000 minutes, texts and 2GB of data. That is the only way I can use codes. I will miss using them on the android phone. I hope they change their minds and let us use them on the androids.

Anonymous said...

I just had the same surprise as you all. Tracfone said we get triple min. and in 3 different categories and that's why the android cant use a promo code. Hmmmm, doesn't seem fair.

frank said...

i just gut my 60 min card for dec i used code 71287 i gut 30 mins free thank u track phone

Anonymous said...

did it work? "...and use a bonus code for 300 minutes," That code doesn't work for me and 400min/1yr with LG306g -- thanks.

Anonymous said...

have been trying to use this code for the past two weeks, since receiving it by a Special in my e-mail for m tracfone - keep getting message promotion code not good for this phone- had my adult married daughter to try and she
got the same message = only income is SS so need all the help I can get

Anonymous said...

71287 does not work. (12/21/14)

Anonymous said...

71287 does not work - 12-29-2014

Lorenzo said...

I've been thinking about this, too, and it still doesn't make sense to me. I have an LG800G, and it gets triple minutes for life. It's not a smartphone, so bonus minutes work just fine.

I get that, for smartphones, Tracfone splits up minutes into three different categories. I appreciate that. However, the way that's it's split up really isn't all that great. I mean, the texts might be okay unless you text a lot, but the data is so abysmally low, that I can't see myself using it unless I had no other choice.

Besides, you typically don't get a whole hell of a lot of bonus minutes, and they don't get multiplied. You just get the face value. So what's the big deal? If people spend all this money to buy a nice smartphone, why not just let them have the bonus minutes?

There's also the principle of it. I'm not cool with the idea of selling a card that has bonus minutes that only SOME customers can get the benefit of.