September 5, 2016

Tracfone Promo Codes for September 2016

Tracfone Promo Code List - September 2016

Every month TracfoneReviewer posts the latest promotional codes for Tracfone here on our blog. Below you will find just the promo codes for September 2016. For a larger list of codes, visit our main Tracfone Promo Code page.

tracfone coupon codes
Tracfone Promo Codes for September 2016
September is here, which means fall is around the corner, kids are back in school, and new promo codes for Tracfone are available!

Tracfone releases these promotional codes for consumers to use when adding airtime to their phone as an incentive and nice bonus.

These codes are for specific airtime cards, but an also be used with a card of greater value. (a code for a 60 minute card can be used with a 120 or 200 minute card for example.)

When adding airtime to your phone, simply choose the best code from our list below and enter it in the 'promo code' space (if you're using the Tracfone website). Promo codes don't always work, some may work only once, and they are sometimes geographically limited.

Also remember that promotional codes won't work on Tracfone smartphones or phones on the BYOP program.

If you are considering a smartphone, we just created a Guide to Activating or Transferring to a Tracfone Smartphone which you may find helpful. Also check out our Cell Phone Reviews page for our full list of reviews including both smartphones and non-smartphones.

Now, let's get to these new coupon codes!

Tracfone Promo Codes - September 2016

These codes are valid through the month of September, but may not work for every phone.

60 Minute Card use 12745 and get 60 bonus minutes (Note - this code is only working for some)

120 Minute Card add code 27868 for 20 additional minutes

200 Minute Card enter 27370 to get 40 bonus minutes

450 Minute Card use 42876 and receive 50 free minutes

1 year/400 Minute Card use code 78415 for an extra 250 airtime minutes!

These are the newest codes for each airtime card for Tracfone. Remember that Smartphones with Tracfone cannot accept promo codes. We hope you found a code that worked, let us know in the comments!

If you're wondering about the new smartphone cards Tracfone is now offering, take a look at our Comparison of New Smartphone Only Cards to Regular Airtime Cards - whats the best deal?

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HOODY said...

You know at this point I don't know why TF even bothers with these bonus codes. I mean geezzze just how many people are still holding on to some java based OS phone???

Since smartphones are now as cheap as dirt why even bother with anything else??

So if that's the case, TF should start making these codes available to smartphone users, otherwise just get rid of them.

Are there "some" that still may be using one of these java based phones, sure, some are still writing actual hand written letters too :) Heck I still have a 306C laying around in its box, never activated , was bought for 8 bucks as a backup MP3 player.

JimWiz1 said...

How about smart phones are not for everyone. My 84 year old mother and dad both have flip phones, with real buttons. They don't use or need any of the smart phone stuff, just the ability to make and receive calls. They can do math in their heads before I get the app up on my phone. And, I am sure, there are many many other people who have no use for anything 'smart' about their phone.
That said, YES, I would love it if they would give us smart phone users the code specials too. Now that they introduced the smart phone only cards (on their site) they do give us a better deal than normal cards.
Live long and Prosper,

Anonymous said...


Tillett for Connecticut said...

I would STILL be using my old 2G cellphone if I wasn't forced to give it up because they are doing away with 2G - I liked it better than the 3G cell that I am now using - my old LG looked sorta like a blackberry with it's keyboard on the bottom & the only thing I didn't like about it was that the camera app wasn't on the top menu screen but the internet button was there to get hit accidently & waste minuted until I figured out that was the problem & had to lock the phone so that the cat stepping on the cellphone or something in my purse wasn't turning on the internet which I never uses on the cell since the screen was too tiny anyway - Thanks for giving the codes monthly so that we can extend our minutes for those of us who prefer non-smart phones to use - the only thing I like about smartphones is being able to text or to use the camera to talk via google hangouts but that requires internet access which I don't know how to use on the smartphone so that it connects via their service when there isn't wifi around?? Maybe someone can make a video that shows how to turn that on & off so we can use the data side to use a google or periscope app when there's not wifi in the area??

Anonymous said...

I never butt-call anyone with my standard flippy :) and its more compact to carry

Anonymous said...

Further, while you can now use smartphones with Tracfone (and even Lifeline service is usable with some models) most folks that go Tracfone - and anyone with Lifeline service - want no part of a data plan (they will use wi-fi instead, which remains unmetered and unmeterable). I currently have a 3G/HSPA Alcatel A405G candybar phone, and I'm looking at one of the few Lifeline-capable Android phones as a backup (it will be almost certainly one of Alcatel's PIXI series; like the candybar A405G, it's part of the OneTouch line).


I bought a 60 Minute Card use code 12745 and got an extra 200 bonus minutes, Thanks for the promo codes.

Anonymous said...

I bought a 1 year/400 minute tracfone card on Oct. 1, used promo code 79816 online at the tracfone website. I only had 16 minutes left, I have lifetime double minutes, & was given 1450 minutes + my 16 minutes = 1466