October 3, 2014

Tracfone Promo Codes for October 2014

List of New Tracfone Promo Codes October 2014

Provided below are a list of promotional codes for use with Tracfone cell phone devices for the month of October 2014. These codes are collected and shared here for your convenience by TracfoneReviewer.

tracfone promo code october 2014
Promo Codes for October 2014!
Tracfone is a cell phone and service provider offering many low cost options to consumers. They provide a variety of promo codes that can be used when adding a prepaid minute card to your phone to get additional minutes for free.

Each month we find and share the latest codes from around the web here, and also on our main Tracfone Promo Codes page, where we list both past and present codes.

To use a promo code, simply enter it when prompted while adding a Tracfone minutes card. If you're on the Tracfone website, add the code in the 'Promotional Code' box.

Note, codes are sometimes for certain regions or phones, and don't always work, or may work only once per phone. Also be aware that Tracfone promo codes don't work on Android smartphones.

But the smartphones from Tracfone are pretty exciting, so take a look at our Tracfone Android Smartphone list where we have each current smartphone listed for quick comparison or take a look at our Tracfone BYOP page and learn about bringing your own smartphone to Tracfone!

Of course, you can also see all the phones on our Cell Phone Reviews page.

Now, here are the latest promo codes for October!

Tracfone Promo Codes - October 2014

Each code will work for a certain minute card, or any card of greater value. (So a code for a 60 minute card will work with any card). Remember, you enter these codes along with a prepaid minutes card, and this can be done online, on your phone, or over the phone!

60 Minute Card - Use code 59396 or 84464 to get 30 extra minutes

120 Minute Card - Enter 17202 or 11679 and receive 30 bonus minutes (or use the codes above)

200 Minute Card - Add promo code 86942 or 23154 for a total of 40 bonus minutes

450 Minute Card - Enter code 93528 or 42855 for 50 extra bonus minutes

1 Year/400 Minute Card - Use codes 80087 or 73538 to get 250 bonus minutes

Codes don't always work for all phones in every area, so please let us know in the comments which codes are working! All codes above should be valid through October 31st 2014!

We just posted a list of great deals and discounts on Tracfone Cell Phones and Minutes, so check it out if you want to see the latest sales.

The LG Optimus Fuel, an Android phone with the latest OS, is now available to buy online. Visit our post (linked above) to learn more about the phone, and where it is available online (for just $60).

We hope this means the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style will be released very soon. Follow us on Facebook, where we will share as soon as the phone becomes available!

We hope you found this codes useful, and got some free minutes! Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Oh My...how long will we have to wait for the Ace Style? Maybe they are saving it for the Thanksgiving week sales. Oh well, I will keep using these great codes to get more minutes until then. One more tip when buying minutes on the Tracfone website: They always offer you "add-on" minute deals and sometimes those can be pretty good. They can differ according to the amount of airtime you are buying. For instance, I have seen these offers for a 30 min (website only) care - 100 min - $15; 250 min for $35. They may be worth a look for you.

Anonymous said...

Love my Trac Fone! Have had as many as 3 in my household. Sent one with my husband while he fished in Alaska. Have used it from Canadian Border to Mexican Border. Recieved my new minutes within seconds. What great service!!! Went with my daughter (who used a Trac Fone before she could afford her own phone) to price another plan that she has service with. What she pays for a month I get for a year!!! She has tried to make me switch but I cant do it.

Eric Elder said...

Why isn't Tracfone selling some Android or smart phones that are GSM? Live in the Tampabay area and have heard Verizon is installing a new GSM network.

Anonymous said...

Used 84464 on 60 minute card in Ohio and it worked. It only took a couple of minutes to process with my airtime card. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Used 60 minute code 59396 in NH, worked! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Why no promo codes for 90 minute cards?

Anonymous said...

Purchased 200 Minute card on Tracfone website.
Used promo code: 86942 (for 40 bonus mins).
Total = 440 Minutes (appeared on phone within 2 minutes). Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Code 59396 just worked for 30 extra minutes on my 60-minute card. Your website is so helpful—thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just used Code 32313 for a bonus 50 minutes on a 120 minute card. Best promo on a 120 minute card I have seen in a while. Love your site! thanks

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure that it would work for me too, but it did! :-)