September 21, 2015

LG Sunrise L15G Tracfone Android Review

LG Sunrise Review with Full Specs and Features for this Android Smartphone

This review by TracfoneReviewer covers the LG Sunrise and will detail the major features for this phone, as well as our comparison to other options available. We hope this information will be helpful, and will continue to update as needed.

Tracfone lg l15g
Tracfone LG Sunrise Review
The LG Sunrise is an Android smartphone that uses GSM networks through Tracfone. It is one of a growing variety of smartphones available from Tracfone, but one of only a few that use GSM networks.

Tracfone is a low cost prepaid cell phone service provider that contracts with major cell phone companies like Verizon and AT&T to use their cell networks to provide service. Tracfone also offers cell phones to use on their networks, and the LG Sunrise is one of these devices.

The Sunrise is fairly similar to several other phones which have also been released by Tracfone over the last few months. The LG Sunset (L33L) shares a similar name, but features a larger screen and better specs.

The LG Lucky (L16C) is almost identical except that the Lucky uses CDMA (Verizon) networks.

While the Sunrise isn't a top of the line device, it does offer some great features in a small size.

Let's look at a few quick pro's and con's for the Sunrise:

LG Sunrise L15G Quick Points:

The Good:
-Uses GSM Network
-Android Device using version 4.4

The Not So Good:
-Specifications (Camera, Memory, 3G). are not as good as other phones available
-Smaller Screen Size

This phone packs some good features into a small size, but if you want the latest and greatest phone, this isn't it. This is a budget friendly small sized smartphone for low to moderate users. It is an improvement over phones like the ZTE Valet or LG Optimus Dynamic, but can't keep up with the LG Power or Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop.

Time to get into the full list of features and specs for the LG Sunrise to really see what this phone is all about.

LG Sunrise Features and Specs List

These are the current features available on the LG L15G Sunrise smartphone:
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • 3G Connectivity on AT&T Towers
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Triple Minutes for Life Split into Text/Talk/Data
  • Hands Free Speaker
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Access to Over a Million Applications through Google Play
  • Up to 32 GB SD Card Compatible, comes with 4 GB SD Card
LG L15G Sunrise Specs
  • Size: 4.43" x 2.50" x 0.49"
  • 3.8" Touchscreen
  • 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Processor
  • 512 MB RAM (not 1 GB Like we expected)
  • Internal Memory 4 GB
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Battery: 7 Hours Talk Time, 10 Days Standby
Probably the best feature on this phone is that it uses Android 4.4, which I actually prefer even over Android 5.0 (we won't get into that here though...). The Sunrise also has many other good specs that are better than most phones from Tracfone, but not the best.

Now we're going to take a closer review of the LG Sunrise and cover what we like and don't like about this smartphone device.

Note - We are getting reports that the LG Sunrise may also have 4G connectivity along with 3G. Let us know in the comments with your experience!

LG Sunrise Review - Likes and Dislikes

What We Like:
The Sunrise comes with Android 4.4 which is not the latest version of the operating system, but a very popular version that is compatible with almost all oft he apps available from Google Play. With Android you have access to millions of different apps that can do almost anything you can think of. You can get some ideas on our List of the Best Android Apps for Tracfone Users.

The LG L15G is special because it is one of the first smartphones from Tracfone that users GSM networks. The 'G' at the end of its name signifies that it runs on GSM networks, which in this case is AT&T. We are very excited about this because it allows many more consumers to have access to smartphones on Tracfone. Previously, only people in areas with good Verizon coverage could get smartphones with Tracfone. But now, areas with AT&T coverage will also work.

You can take a look at our GSM vs CDMA for more details on the difference between these networks, and to help you choose which is right for you.

lg sunrise review
Internal Memory on the LG Sunrise from Tracfone
While the Sunrise doesn't have spectacular specs, they are adequate. 512 MB RAM with a Dual Core Processor is just barely enough to keep up with most apps. We initially were not sure about the internal memory, but have since been able to confirm it; the phones has 4 GB of internal memory, along with a 4 GB external SD card which is convenient.

What We Don't Like:
There are a couple of things we don't like about the LG Sunrise, starting with the small screen. At 3.8" it just isn't all that impressive in a market where most phones are closer to 5". However, some users actually prefer the small screen size, so just be aware of this feature as you consider the phone.

Battery Life for the L15G is mediocre and may not last a full day with consistent use. If you need a device with good battery life, the Moto E would be a much better option.

The main thing we don't like about this phone is that it just doesn't really impress. It has a lot of average features and specs that will perform fine for most people, but may disappoint anyone who has used a higher-end smartphone.

How the LG Sunrise Compares to Other Tracfone Smartphones

The Sunrise is similar to several other devices available from Tracfone, most notably the LG Lucky, but also the Samsung Galaxy Stardust and LG Optimus Fuel. All of these phones have smaller sized screens (3.8" to 4") and similar specs with various differences. Obviously the most important difference is that the Sunrise uses GSM networks will the others all run on CDMA.

Several phones are more impressive than the Sunrise, including the LG Power, LG Sunset and LG Ultimate 2. Each of these phones have ea larger screen, similar or more internal memory, and similar or better processors.

We would recommend the LG Sunrise over a few older devices, like the LG Optimus Dynamic, Hquwai Glory and ZTE Valet. The Sunrise outperforms each of these phones in almost every way.

As you can probably see, the LG Sunrise is a mid-level smartphone that offers a variety of great features in a small size. It will likely be suitable for people who want some access to apps, but don't plan to use it for too many things. For the majority of people, we would recommend looking into some of the newer smartphones that come with larger screens like the LG Sunset mentioned above. These phones will have faster performance and should last longer.

Where to Buy the LG Sunrise and Covers/Cases

The LG Sunrise was available for short time on the Tracfone website, and may have gone out of stock. We have also found it on the Walmart website (and some have found it for as little as $10 at Walmart). It may also be available on Amazon and eBay, but we haven't seen it listed yet.

You can probably shop for it wherever Tracfone devices are sold, and you may find it at one of these locations.

Covers and Cases for the Sunrise are plentiful because there are several models from LG that are the same size. Search Amazon for LG Sunrise Cases and you will see many options.

For more resources on this phone, view the Sunrise Interactive Tutorial from Device Anywhere, or dive into the LG Sunrise User Manual.

We hope this review is helpful for you and please leave a comment with any thoughts or questions.

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David said...

This is the phone I'm using right now and it's only got 512MB of RAM, and it comes with a 4GB Micro SD Card.

It's very literally just an LG Optimus Fuel with a slightly larger (shittier quality due to pretty terrible viewing angles) display and no physical Home button and, because of the lack of the home button, no notification light.

Not to say this is a BAD phone by any means, it's perfectly serviceable. But if one already has a Fuel and are looking to upgrade there's NO reason to get this thing... and if you're looking for a good budget Android phone I'd just get a Fuel over this to be dead honest.

The display on this thing really is pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

would you please review ZTE quartz?

David said...

Also, it doesn't have a front facing camera and the rear facer is identical to the Fuel. 3MP fixed focus with no flash that records 800x480 video.

And the screen resolution is 320x480. Again, just like the Fuel. heh

If one is digging around for these phones at WalMart, as of this writing, there's the regular Tracfone branded one at 60 bucks... or there's one with Norton and McAfee nonsense pre-installed that has Ninja Turtles branding on the box... as well as a big-ass case. lol

But there's no branding on the phone itself, and it's sitting at 30. So IF one plans on getting this, that's probably the one to get. It also comes with an episode of the television show and the TMNT Rooftop Run game that runs surprisingly well on this little device.

David said...

Hey ya'll, while this phone does have it's limitations (the biggest for me being the poor viewing angles) I just saw this phone at WalMart earlier for $9.82.

At that price? It's not a bad way to go by any stretch.

Anonymous said...

I just picked the LG Sunrise L15g from Walmart for $9.82 as well. Two surprises so far... it's running Android 4.4.2 rather than 4.4 that my LG Fuel is running and.....this is the big one....I turned on the data for the first time and saw "4G" Data!!! Not 3G.....What?!

Dennis said...

I got 4g on mine to.

Dennis said...

Mine runs 4g too,the box says only 3G.

Dennis said...

I got 4g on mine too!

Disgruntled College Grad said...

Same here, picked it up at Wal-Mart for $10. It says 4G as well. I had bought the L34G(Fuel) last year because it was on sale for $10 but was CDMA and I don't get coverage at my house but I do at work. So when I could get the Sunrise for $10 I got it. I do miss the notification light but the coverage and signal is so much better. I just need a cell phone and this one works great. I only have messaging apps and facebook along with tasker for automation (turn cell on/off when I have wifi, etc) . I haven't been able to root it like I did with the Fuel, this would allow me to drag and drop files from my PC.

Ultralightpilot said...

Think of this phone as a 3.75G. AT&T displays 4G when the phone is able to connect to their HSPA (high speed packet access) network. This is not the same as 4G LTE. I have always thought that calling it 4G is a bit dishonest, but it is considerably faster than regular 3G.

Anonymous said...

When downloading compass aps they can't find a magnetic North sensor. Google Maps will function for GPS purposes - leaving you to figure out which way is N.

Am I alone or is this being missed in the specs?

Daniel Derenne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I purchased the Lg Sunrise lg phone at Wal Mart for $9.82 also. I am having trouble getting connected to MacAfee, any suggestions please?

Unknown said...

Can we unlock this phone?

Anonymous said...

where is it selling? can ı buy and shipping to Turkey

Disgruntled College Grad said...

You have to have service with tracfone for a year before they will unlock it. You can root it.

Curtis Poulson said...

There is a tiny space in the front of the phone in the top right by the LG sign is that a camera? Tell me if it is or isn't If it is tell me how to activate it please Relpy back to me please at

Peter Vanosdall said...

The LG Sunrise only has a rear facing camera, on the back of the phone. You can activate it by opening the camera app on your phone.

You can also take a look at the interactive tutorial or user manual that are both linked in the post above.

Anonymous said...

The LG L15G Sunrise has NO MENU BUTTON. You are severely limited without it. You cannot surf webpages normally, or bookmark pages. If you prefer FireFox, forget it. FF closes as soon as you land on any page and resize it. You MUST USE Google Chrome as a web browser. The keyboard closes randomly while you are typing, and takes way too long to appear in the first place. It's a ten dollar piece of garbage. You will only use it til you can afford a real smartphone. It is only better than two soup cans connected by a string.

Anonymous said...

Will never buy another! Can't get the phone to do anything! Waist of money, other much better choises anywhere!

Anonymous said...

I bought the phone for ten bucks at Walmart, and had a 16gig memory chip put in for 10 bucks. it exceeds my expectations. it has wifi; so google voice and magic jack apps enable free wifi calls. for an inexpensive device; it does what I need, make infrequent long distance calls and use wifi spots at mcd's and Wendy's. it is not recommended for a lot of data surfing as data mins are expensive, but I prefer it over an expensive monthly plan.
if you are just making calls; this thing is great. if you need a smartphone for business; it is not.i'm not a phone guy- I just want to eliminate my land line and monthly bill. once you learn the phone; it can do that.

Disgruntled College Grad said...

I would just disable MacAfee, not much use for AV stuff on phones

Disgruntled College Grad said...

Menu buttons are specific to applications

Billy Teany said...

Try holding down the recent app button to the right of home button. Worked for me on various apps including browser

Unknown said...

How can I root this phone without a pc? I've tried kingroot, towelroot, weaksauce and had no success....

Anonymous said...

Bought the LG Sunrise @ Walmart for under $10 few weeks back. No real complaints except the battery seems to drain. I don't really use it for anything, just wondering if there is something running in the background.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Only had mine for ~6 months and it's been replaced once and the replacement is failing. Takes hours to get a text message and 3/4 of the calls go directly to voice mail. To turn it on, you have to remove & reinsert the battery. A piece of crap - I am going back to the flip phone.

Unknown said...

Update the version to 5 or 6.0

Unknown said...

This phone sucks....first of all....the data. On the box it says 3g but when I turn on's 4g! And also...WHERE IS THE HOTSPOT APP OR FEATURE? I seriously hate this phone

Anonymous said...

Got phone for $9.82 at Walmart (plus bought another just for backup). Just fine for replacing my 2X Tracfone. Haven't attached it to a Google account yet to use the talk-search feature. It generated a Google email but I don't know how to put it on it. Not going to use the email; just want to use the voice search. Still, not bad for $9.82.

Unknown said...

Can this watch videos in good quality?

Shane said...

Can this phone watch live streams or movies in good quality?

Bill Dailey said...

Kingoroot worked for me. After I got this phone b4 I put anything on it I rooted and removed all of the bloatware. If you are trying to use the LG15G like a regular smartphone, forget it. Memory is crap. RAM is too small and phone will stop responding intermittently. But using the LG15G as a cell phone is great. I get signal in areas most smartphones don't.

Unknown said...

Does it have mobile hotspot feature

Sara Teubert said...

Writing this as of mid-May 2017. I've had this phone (the LG L15G- aka sunrise) for almost two years now, and I have to say, that with the exception of a few obvious limitations, this phone was well worth the $40 I originally paid for it. Yes, it can be slow at times, and the memory and features are somewhat lackluster. However, I can confirm that it is 4G capable. The camera (rear-facing only) and screen display are somewhat low-end, but it has fairly decent speakers for a mid-grade model of its age. The one thing this review and commenters failed to mention about this phone (what I love most about it) is how INSANELY DURABLE this phone is. Unlike many smartphones which are sensitive to damage and prone to cracked screens, the small screen works as an advantage in this phone's case. I have dropped this phone, stepped on it, sat on it, kicked it, thrown it, accidentally tossed in the wash, even ran it over! and it keeps on trucking, none worse for the wear. No kidding!I've never even had a case or a screen protector on it or anything. It's practically indestructible. This phone is seriously the nokia brick of smartphones.

Anonymous said...

I like this phone for 1 it seems almost indetructable.It must have a plastic Lenz or something besides regular glass.It won't break and I only paid 19 $ for it.